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Captain Miller Review


Captain Miller has potential to be a cult classic says Kausalya Suharika R

Captain Miller: A Mixed Bag of Action, Drama, and History

Some movies generate exciting vibes just with the promo posters, without doubting whether the movie may turn into a disappointment. One such movie is Captain Miller. Since the launch of the poster, the movie has grabbed a lot of buzz with its Terminator-like guns and rugged yet alluring makeover of Dhanush. With no fault from the caste side, Captain Miller stands as an undoubtedly amazing action thriller but still struggles with impressing the audience.


The Story of Captain Miller is novel take on Indian history. No mainstream cinema has touched the British-involved history of India from this angle. This is really appreciable. The story and the point that the cinema wants to convey are top-notch. Nobody can point out a fault in the story, but the execution of such a great story may have failed. Yet, Captain Miller has all the features to turn into a cult classic. The story deals with caste discrimination, racism, and the struggles of the British colonial period. If you want to know the story of a man named Captain Miller, you need to watch the film. Despite the right or wrong, the movie is an eye feast for heroic action sequences. Some of the scenes indicating the still burning caste discrimination were successful in reaching their goal. Movie ends with a striking revealing of how caste discrimination is purely man-made evil and no god has ever discriminated people based on caste and creed.

Plus Points:

Story is based on real life circumstances like how and why some people have worked for British and how it ultimately turned out. How did they feel to be oppressed in the name of job by the British.



Dhanush is a well-established actor; he kept his promise to do justice to the character. Dhanush stays with you for some days with his striking expressions. He could be easily compared to Johnny Depp because of his eccentric performance. Priyanka Arul Mohan has reached the step of earning the degree in distinction with her acting caliber. It is visible that she has turned into a serious artist by doing unforgettable acting. Shiva Rajkumar, Sandeep Kishan, Aditi Balan, Nivedhithaa Sathish, John Kokken, Alexx O’Nell, and Edward Sonnenblick played the strongest pillars of the movie. A special mention for Moor, who played in Dhanush’s team for his appropriate and seamless incorporating style in such a character. The way John Kokken played in the most disgusting character, he has achieved his goal.


Sandeep Kishan

Music by G V Prakash Kumar, played a major role in making this visual action thriller even more intriguing.

It is evident that the movie maker, Arun Matheswaran, has envisioned the movie in a certain way, inspired by Clint Eastwood and Quentin Tarantino. The big guns remind you of Terminator at some point. Dhilip Subbarayan, the stunt choreographer crafted the action sequences realistically which continuously aim to pull in the audience into those scenes, in a way for them to experience them in live, instead of a virtual experience.


Shiva Rajkumar


Arun Matheswaran concentrated more on the big guns to be used than the rest of the film, which should be strong enough to not lose the attention of the viewers. The movie falls short of the strength to hold the audience’s interest. The reason for this could be the overuse of nativity behavior or language; this could have been easily avoided if a more general and inclusive tone were used. There are some strong dialogues from the heroine in which the topic of those dialogues has not been touched till now on the big screen, but they were delivered plainly without any strong support from the screenplay, which led to their failure to be noticed by viewers. It almost felt like, had Dhanush said those dialogues, maybe then they would have reached the audience the way they deserved.

The cinematography made an erroneous attempt in the process of trying to involve the viewers in the movie and make them travel within the movie; the camera was unnecessarily shaky, and the visuals were disturbed.

Captain Miller may not impress all sections of the audience, but it has the potential to become a cult classic.

Rating: 3/5

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