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Chef Vikas Khanna’s Inspiring Journey in Indian Cuisine

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Chef Vikas Khanna

Chef Vikas Khanna’s Inspiring Interactive Session on Elevating Indian Cuisine at FLO’s 

Celebrating Culinary Excellence

The FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) in Hyderabad orchestrated a culinary extravaganza titled ‘Taste of Success with Vikas Khanna’ on November 4, 2023. This interactive program featured an insightful dialogue with Chef Vikas Khanna, a renowned Master Chef and Michelin Star awardee. Michelin Stars represent the pinnacle of culinary achievement, and Vikas Khanna stands as one of the distinguished few globally. Beyond his culinary expertise, he wears many hats as a restaurateur, cookbook author, filmmaker, and humanitarian. As a prominent figure on MasterChef India, his culinary journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

A Vision for Indian Cuisine

During this engaging session, Vikas Khanna discussed his vision for Indian cuisine. He recognized a significant gap between Indian culinary offerings and internationally acclaimed cuisines such as Italian and Chinese. He stressed the need to elevate Indian cuisine to match global standards. Vikas emphasized that the younger generation should be educated in Indian culture, traditions, and cuisine to bridge this gap. He encouraged young Indian chefs to innovate and redefine the dining experience.

The Healing Power of Indian Food

Vikas Khanna countered the misconception held by Western media that Indian food is unhygienic and unhealthy. He articulated the healing potential of Indian cuisine, describing it as a form of medicine. He highlighted the profound connection between food and health, emphasizing the importance of mindful eating.

Experiential Dining for Success

In a candid conversation about the restaurant industry, Vikas Khanna shared his insights. He believes that for a restaurant to succeed, it must offer a unique and memorable experience. While discussing the challenges faced by the industry, he pinpointed manpower as a critical issue. The shortage of skilled staff poses a significant challenge, emphasizing the need for training and development.

FLO’s Commitment to Entrepreneurship and Empowerment

Ritu Shah, Chairperson of FLO Hyderabad Chapter, welcomed the attendees, underscoring the cultural significance of food and its role in fostering connections and identity. She portrayed FLO as a platform that champions entrepreneurship, empowerment, and societal welfare.

Chef Vikas Khanna: A Source of Inspiration

FLO recognized Chef Vikas Khanna as an embodiment of persistence, innovation, and philanthropy. His remarkable journey, from Amritsar’s lanes to the bustling streets of New York, resonates with FLO’s ideals. Vikas’s unwavering commitment to societal welfare and his culinary achievements serve as a source of inspiration.

The event attracted more than 250 FLO members, including individuals from various sectors of the food industry, from large corporations to small-scale enterprises. It was an opportunity to applaud culinary excellence and adopt the principles advocated by Chef Khanna on a broader scale, aiming to bring about positive change in society. Chef Vikas Khanna’s presence served as a testament to the power of culinary artistry, innovation, and social responsibility.

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