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Dheera Movie Review

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Dheera: An eccentric man turns do-gooder; one-man-show from Laksh Chadalavada 


Ranadheer (Laksh Chadalavada) , a driver by profession, is a pragmatic man. He is someone who bets on anything for the want of money. But what if he finds himself in a strange situation that has too many twists than expected. He is tasked by a group of doctors to transport a mysterious patient from Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad. The medical team, comprising Dr. Amrutha (Neha Pathan) and an anesthesia specialist, travel along with Ranadheer. Ranadheer remains indifferent to the severity of the situation as long as he is benefitted. Little did he know that the passenger he was transporting was carrying an unimaginable wealth on his head. During the journey, Ranadheer discovers the true identity of the patient. Who is the patient? What influence does he command when it comes? How Ranadheer navigates the maze full of twists and hurdles – is the story in short.


Dheera is the new flick at the box office starring relatively new faces except for a few. Laksh Chadalavada shines in his rugged avatar, delivering a noteworthy performance that garnered applause for the film’s action sequences and well-timed comedy.

Chadalavada’s on-screen charisma and finesse in executing all the action sequences have not gone unnoticed. His comic timing, particularly in a sequence with the goons, has been hailed for injecting humour at the perfect juncture — eliciting genuine laughter from the audience.

Even in scenes that might lack depth, Chadalavada compensates with his magnetic on-screen presence. The director ensured that the audience remains engaged throughout the film. His ability to elevate moments, coupled with an impactful portrayal of the lead role, has contributed to the film’s overall appeal.

Marked by some key highlights in the film, the second half keeps the narrative pacy and alive. While the main plot may appear a familiar crime thriller, most of the scenes are well-executed. 

The movie banks heavily on action sequences but falls way short when it comes to making audiences focussed on the story. At one point, the protagonist’s nature drives him haywire. The hero-elevation episodes overshadow the theme of the story, missing the emotional connection towards the end.

Soniya Bhansal’s role is easily forgettable. The protagonist’s goal to win over his foes becomes too convenient in the end. The first half primarily establishes the hero’s character and his romantic subplot, yet the scenes lack the required punch.


Laksh Chadalavada’s performance stands out in this action-comedy. Audiences can expect a rollercoaster of emotions in the first half and an intense-engaging second half.

Sai Kartheek’s songs are well-composed, complemented by impressive visuals. Actress Neha Pathan delivers a decent performance and adds charm to her role. The action sequences are thoughtfully entertaining, and Himaja’s portrayal as CM’s Principal Secretary is satisfactory. Dheera keeps the audience engaged mostly. Crisp editing also made a difference in the end.

Music and technicalities

Sai Kartheek’s background music along with the songs, stands out in the film. Kanna’s cinematography is satisfactory with reasonably good visuals. The production values are commendable. The dialogues could be better, but the editing is impressive.


Dheera is purely a one-man show. A rugged man Ranadheer bashes up almost everyone who comes his way. Laksh Chadalavada’s screen appearance bests suits for action drama, rather limiting himself to romantic tracks. Director Vikranth Srinivas showed Laksh effectively in the massy look. But the emotional part of the story took a backseat in the film. The second half improved slightly. Overall, Dheera is a good attempt from the makers to tell how an eccentric selfish man who is mad at amassing wealth, turns a do-gooder in the end.

Movie: Dheera
Cast: Laksh Chadalavada, Soniya Bansal, Neha Pathan, Himaja, Mirchi Kiran, Suman
Runtime: 2 hrs 3 mins
Director: Vikranth Srinivas
Producer: Padmavati Chadalavada
Music: Sai Kartheek
Cinematographer: Kanna P.C

Rating 2.5 

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