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Eight truths of life you learn in a queue



Courtesy: Hindustan Times

The last time I stood in a queue as far as I can remember was when I had to vote and this was a couple of years ago, and ofcourse the not so long queues at airport security. What with all the digitisation, we stopped standing in queue even to watch our favourite movie. We book a ticket online, and even the popcorn for obnoxious amount of money and go into the theatre just in time, and when you are comfortably seated, the popcorn arrives. making you feel like a Maharaja. What a comfortable life we lead.


But, thanks to demonitisation we are forced to stand in long queues from hours together and repeatedly. Did you ever think that standing in the queue is indeed a community affair and a chance to learn a few life lessons. Here are eight such queue philosophies that I discovered while standing in a bank queue.

#queuephilosophy No 1:When you are standing in a queue you always envy the guy standing at the beginning occupying the first position proudly…never mind even if you are just second in the queue.

#queuephilosophy No 2: When in queue you cannot tolerate injustice especially if some one tries to jump the #queue

#queuephilosophy No 3: When you stand in the queue and are just one step away from reaching the counter, you realise that the guy before you has one too many doubts, cannot get enough of conversation and takes longer than necessary time to finish…will he stand there forever? – you wonder!

#queuephilosophy No 4: You may fret, fume, walk around, toss around and do every other monkey feat in the world, your turn will come when it has to…and you are tempted to share this knowledge with that guy behind you who is as restless as one can be.

#queuephilosophy No 5: You may have taken all necessary permissions and notified your neighbours before taking that loo break or phone call break; but when you return to your position in the queue; you will always encounter those cold stares that make you squirm and look away like a criminal.


#queuephilosophy No 6: Every queue will have one expert wannabe expat who will connect every problem in the world to India and its people. He is the one – jo tumhare andar ka Manoj ‘Bharat’ Kumar ko jaga deta hai


#queuephilosophy No 7: You feel you are the most unfortunate person in the world because you are forced to wait in the queue.

#queuephilosophy No 8: You feel like a hero, and at the top of the world ready to face any challenge, when you finally reach your turn.


If you have learnt any such truths of life in recent times while standing in a queue, do share in the comments below, which will be moderated ofcourse, but not censored.

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  1. Whenever you are standing in a queue you observe that your queue is moving very slowly and other queues are moving fast. If you change the queue, again that queue would be stuck or the person at the counter would leave his seat.