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From Internet sensation to Bollywood actress: Amy Aela’s journey

Amy was most recently seen in the dance music video by Mehboob Dil Se, the Telugu Bigg Boss contestant. The lively track ‘Evarura Aa Pilla’, which also has other Bigg Boss contestant Sohail in guest appearance, has Amy Aela in her glam best and showcases the fine dancer that she is.

Soon to be seen in a Telugu film, a horror genre comedy – thriller ‘100 Crore’, she has proven herself to be a dedicated and committed actress. She learnt Telugu and delivered her lines during the shoot despite knowing it could be managed during dubbing. “It was super crazy experience to learn all my lines in Telugu. I wanted to put in my 100 percent, and I wanted to be as natural as possible. I have seen many Hindi actresses mouthing dialogues as their lips move differently. I wanted to avoid this,” she states.

Amy Aela is an upcoming Indian-Australian actress, model and a social media celebrity famous for her dance and lifestyle. In addition she is a successful entrepreneur, who balances her passion for acting and her fashion house based in Australia. This youngster sets a good example for everyone who dreams big.

She shares her experience of working with Mehboob and shooting in Hyderabad, “It was great to be a part of the video as I love dancing and it was a fun video. Mehb

oob is an amazing dancer. I have been to Hyderabad quite a few times for shoots even before I started shooting for the video. It was shot at wonderful places. But, I did not get to visit many other places in the city. I had been to Charminar and I loved it and the food.

As far as her film is concerned, it is almost complete. “A song is pending and then we will call it a wrap,” she shares. Amy feels internet has made it much easier to get noticed, if one wants to work in films. Being an internet sensation does help, she says, “I feel that landscape is so much easier for people to notice. Earlier you had more chances if you either knew someone from inside or you spend years after years going through audition after audition. Today film makers and casting directors are all on Instagram. You make relevant content, and people will start following you and eventually people you want to reach out to will see; which will turn into an opportunity.”

“Instead of sitting around internet gives platform to make your opportunity,” she adds.

Amy began by doing modelling and then, dance videos, slowly when she wanted to be part of Bollywood, she began to enact comedy bits and videos that will showcase her acting talent.

The mantra of success is to stay true and dedicated to what you do – Amy Aela’s growth graph so far is a proof.


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