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What keeps ‘Anupamaa’ on top of the charts

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A low down on one of the top television serials ‘Anupamaa’ based on exclusive inputs from lead actress Rupali Ganguly

“Anupamaa” is not just rocking the TRPs and has been on the first slot ever since it started being televised on Star Plus. This family drama, which is akin to reality, has captured the hearts of the audience in a large way. A show which is relatable, it is much looked forward too as well by many. A strong, realistic storyline, dedicated, sincere and stellar performances by the cast is the strong point of this serial. The cast seems to have bonded like a family to deliver such natural and genuine performances. Rajan Shahi, the producer and the writers should be complimented for getting out such a slice of life show.

There are so many layers to the character and I love everything about Anupamaa,” says Rupali Ganguly, who made a great come back after a long break. Her role as Monisha in much popular ‘Sarabhai versus Sarabhai’ is extremely popular

The story, as we all know, revolves around Anupamaa (played superbly by Rupali Ganguly), a woman whose life revolves around looking after the family and their needs. As in reality, this typical Indian housewife is taken for granted as she attends to everyone and their needs with a smile as that is her world. Unsuspecting her husband Vanraj Shah (played by Sudhanshu Pandey), a typical male chauvinist who is having an affair with his office colleague the married Kavya (Madalsa Sharma), and who puts her down all the time and thinks her job is only in the kitchen Anupamaa treats her in-laws as her own parents. While the father-in-law (Arvind Vaidya) is attached to her the mother-in-law (Alpana Buch) is the usual one who taunts her most of the time. Only her youngest son Samar (Paras Kalnawat)  is supportive of Anupamaa, while the elder Paritosh  (Ashish Mehrotra) is his father’s son and her daughter Paakhi (Muskaan Bamne) is attached to her father. Kinjal, Paritosh’s wife and Nandini (Anagha Bhosle) are on Anupamaa’s side.

Initially the serial was a bit regressive with Anupamaa accepting her life as it is and having no complaints about it. When she discovers her husband’s infidelity she has become tough and resilient enough to handle the situation.  To add to this the rich and haughty Raakhi Dave (Tassneem Sheikh), Kinjal’s mother taunts the Shah family all the time. The serial portrays all the storms in the family of the Shah’s. Vanraj is recuperating from an accident at his own home amidst his family. Kavya is distraught at this. She is scared Vanraj will fall in love with Anupamaa which is slowly happening. Anupamaa takes up a job and yet manages to fend the needs of the family. She is steadfast and takes care of Vanraj on humane grounds. She remembers his infidelity all the time and does not consider herself as Vanraj’s wife any more. The story meanders on…

Rupali Ganguly, as Anupamaa, makes a wonderful comeback after a break. She says “everything is written so well and woven into the basic story and what better than “Anupamaa” to come back with. There are so many layers to the character and I love everything about Anupamaa.”

The cast shares a lot of bonhomie on the sets which is truly reflected in the serial. Rupali says “it is like a bunch of college kids who are having a picnic,” which is truly visible. They put in a lot of hardwork and fun too.

“Anupamaa” mirrors reality in a large way and one has to wait and watch what more is in store for Anupamaa and the audience!


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