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Hyderabad Literature Festival 2024: Celebrating Words Together

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A Feast for the Mind: Unpacking the Hyderabad Literature Festival 2024

Shashi Tharor

The air crackles with anticipation, not of monsoon rain, but of a different kind of downpour – a torrent of words, ideas, and stories. Welcome to the Hyderabad Literature Festival 2024, where the city transforms into a literary haven, welcoming not just bibliophiles but curious minds of all stripes. This year, the festival promises an even richer tapestry of voices, with Odia literature taking center stage as the “Indian Language in Focus,” and Norway, the land of Vikings and fjords, stepping in as the “Country in Focus.”

The 2024 edition has found a new home in the expansive Sattva Knowledge City, HITEC City. Picture sprawling lawns dotted with bookstalls, vibrant cafes buzzing with conversations, and auditoriums pulsating with the energy of dialogues, debates, and performances. This is where the written word becomes a living thing, breathed into life by renowned authors, poets, translators, and cultural icons.

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For the Odia language enthusiast, the festival is a treasure trove. Prepare to be captivated by the lyrical beauty of Odia poetry, the poignant narratives of Odia fiction, and the fascinating insights into Odia culture and history. Immerse yourself in sessions with Jhumpa Lahiri, whose “Interpreter of Maladies” redefined diasporic narratives, or the acclaimed playwright Mahesh Datt.

The festival’s canvas is broad enough to accommodate a multitude of voices. From Norwegian crime thrillers to insightful discussions on climate change, from the witty wordplay of stand-up comedians to the soulful renditions of folk singers, there’s something for everyone.

And let’s not forget the younger generation! The festival caters to budding bookworms with interactive workshops, storytelling sessions, and book readings designed to ignite a lifelong love for the written word. Witness the joy on a child’s face as they meet their favorite author or participate in a lively book-themed treasure hunt.

Hyderabad Literature Festival (HLF) is a vibrant annual event celebrating literature, languages, and culture in Hyderabad, India. Here’s what I know about it:

About the Festival:

  • Organized by: Hyderabad Literary Trust, a non-profit organization.
  • Venue: Sattva Knowledge City, HITEC City (new venue for 2024).
  • Focus: “Indian Language in Focus” (Odia for 2024) and “Country in Focus” (Norway for 2024).
  • Activities: Conversations, panel discussions, readings, workshops, exhibitions, cultural programs, film screenings, events for students and children.
  • Free and open to all.
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2024 Highlights:

  • Odia literature in the spotlight: Explore the beauty and richness of Odia language through talks, readings, and performances by renowned authors and artists.
  • Norway takes center stage: Delve into Norwegian, culture, and art through engaging sessions with Norwegian writers and artists.
  • Diverse program: From literary discussions and book launches to film screenings and musical performances, there’s something for everyone.
  • Focus on young minds: Interactive workshops, storytelling sessions, and book readings designed to ignite a love for literature in children and young adults.

Simi stands tallWhy attend?

  • Celebrate literature: Immerse yourself in a world of books, authors, and ideas.
  • Discover new voices: Encounter diverse perspectives and broaden your literary horizons.
  • Engage in dialogue: Participate in discussions, ask questions, and share your own thoughts.
  • Fun for all ages: Enjoy a range of activities and events suitable for everyone.
  • Experience Hyderabad: Explore the city’s rich cultural heritage alongside the festival.

If you’re interested in literature, languages, or simply looking for a stimulating and enriching experience, the Hyderabad Literature Festival is definitely worth checking out!

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