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Game On trailer promises a tantalising cocktail of thrills, action and romance

Game On trailer: Geetanand, Neha Solanki star in an action drama in the guise of a game

Geetanand, who forayed into films with Ratham, is joining hands with his younger brother Dayanandh, who turns a director for an action drama titled Game On. Neha Solanki plays the female lead in the film produced by the actor, director’s family friend Ravi Kasturi. After surpassing several production hurdles, Game On is all set to hit screens on February 2.

Game On trailer was launched today in the presence of the cast, crew and the media. Game On’s glimpse starts with the protagonist Siddhu falling prey to a psychological game played by an anonymous caller and how it alters the course of his life. The caller tricks him into committing strange acts – a task even asks him to whack his enemies publicly.

Neha Solanki, cast as Geet’s girlfriend, asks him to be cautious about his ‘deadly game’ and not play with people’s emotions. The caller later asks him to not reveal his identity anywhere. Siddhu gradually realises that the game is taking a turn for the worse. After a series of high-voltage action sequences, the antagonist says ‘it’s family time’, hinting at a personal twist.

Kireeti, Adithya Menon, Madhoo, Subhalekha Sudhakar play other key roles in the film. Game On offers a liberal dose of action, romance, emotion and thrills. The racy trailer promises a smart, gripping film with a taut screenplay. Abhishek AR’s score is another major highlight of the glimpse, while Arvind Viswanathan’s cinematography makes an impression too.

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