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Malvi Malhotra and Her South Story

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Malvi Malhotra

Malvi Malhotra began her career in entertainment industry as television actor and is set to make it big in movie industry starting with Bollywood and finding her foothold in south cinema

This film is a proper commercial entertainer and it has everything in it, like romance, comedy, drama, so it’s a complete show.” says actor Malvi Malhotra about her upcoming film with Raj Tharun, ‘Thiragabadara saami’ in Telugu. The film is about two Balakrishna fans played by Malvi and Raj Tharun. The teaser for the film was recently released that shows Malvi not just a singing and dancing lead lady, but is seen doing the stunts as well.  

Malvi Malhotra

Malvi Malhotra, a talented and versatile actress, has been making waves in the industry with her impressive acting skills and charming presence. Her journey in the entertainment industry began with a passion for performing arts from a young age. From her native Himachal, she relocated to Mumbai. Malvi’s breakthrough came with her role in the popular television series “Udaan”. Her natural acting style and ability to convey emotions resonated with the audience, earning her recognition and praise from both viewers and critics alike. In addition to her television success, Malvi Malhotra made her mark in the film industry with her debut in the film “Hotel Milan.” Her performance in the film was lauded for its authenticity and depth, marking her as an actress to watch out for. She continued to impress audiences with her subsequent projects, demonstrating her versatility by seamlessly transitioning between different genres. Malvi’s journey hasn’t been without challenges. In 2020, she faced a horrifying incident when she was attacked by an individual, which left her injured. However, her resilience and determination allowed her to overcome this setback and return to her passion for acting.

She spoke about her upcoming projects in an interview with Rajeshwari Kalyanam, the founder of Fridaywall!

Extracts From The Interview

To begin with when will your Telugu film be released?

The date is not finalised yet but the film is expected to release soon. I am acting with Raj Tharun in the film. It’s a very nice role, a very bubbly girl who is very talkative; she is only seen talking more and more and the hero is an introvert, while she is an extrovert. She is the one who proposes and all that. So it’s a very interesting character, plus I have a fight sequence in the film. This girl is a Balakrishna fan, so it’s a very interesting role, a very different role.

We also heard that you’ll be lifting the hero up and you don’t look like the kind who’d lift people, so how did you manage that?

Yeah, this happened all of a sudden, when my director asked, “you have to lift the hero’. I said “okay I’ll try” and it happened. It was just a spontaneous thing that happened, it goes with my character also. The film basically is a proper commercial entertainer and it has everything in it, like romance, comedy, drama, so it’s a complete show. People will love it, and every character is amazing in the film.

“I look short and tiny but I’m strong, I can lift!” [Malvi added laughing]

You are also doing a Malayalam film ‘Abhyuham’ – the role is different from the other role you’re doing. Heard you are playing the rubber plant worker?”

It was great experience in Malayalam too because that is a very different kind of a cinema, very realistic cinema. You don’t want any over the top action or any kind of hand gestures. It is really content driven cinema and I wanted to explore myself as an actor. I really enjoyed working in it.

Can you please tell me about your other upcoming projects?

There is one Telugu film, ‘Thiragabadara Sami’ , there is another Tamil film which I’m shooting right now – it’s a remake of the Malayalam film ‘Ring Master’. And in Hindi, there’s 2 projects, one’s web show ‘Chashmish’, the other one is a film ‘Zorawar di Jacqueline’, it’s an online release.”

The web show is very woman oriented, and you’re the main protagonist right? 

Yeah, Chashmish is basically a college kind of a story and it’s very similar to Chichhore film.

What’s the story behind your choice and to what do you attribute film makers choosing you for diverse roles?

Actually, whatever roles I’ve been offered are mostly through auditions. In the Malayalam film, they were very skeptical about the looks, and that I don’t look like a typical southern farm worker. They just gave it a chance in the look test. Had it not worked out they would’ve cast someone else. But, when they actually made me look like the worker, they were very convinced with it. Whatever process I’ve been through, the casting or the audition or the look test, it just turned out to be positive till now, and I hope it happens in the future as well!”

How many years has it been since you’re in the film industry?

I started acting in my college. In 2017, I first started with a tv show. After I finished college in 2018. I was more regularly into acting. I used to do theatre for 5-6 years as practice, in school, college and while I was in Mumbai as well.

Can you share something about what keeps you going? How do you see yourself in this world with so much competition now?

It isn’t that easy, it takes a lot of work too. So you just have to keep trying and do good work and it’s very important to choose right work because there is so much work happening, and you should always go for what is meant for you. For me it doesn’t matter if the film is big or small; if I like the script and my character, I go for it. And I just see the technical part of it – even the screening, release and the production house, which is important. Otherwise, it’s not that easy to get work because there’s a lot of competition and sometimes you feel rejected also. Recently, I’ve auditioned for a national level web show for Netflix, and the director was also a Hollywood director. Everything was finalised, and the director really loved my audition. But I got rejected because of my height; they wanted a tall girl. So sometimes it happens, you don’t get what you want but you’ll have to pass through it and look forward for better opportunities.

In 2020, there was an attack on you and you’re living on your own, so what did you take out of that experience. As a person, how did that affect you?”

That was kind of a nightmare in my life. I think that I healed out of that because of my family, their support. They actually supported me a lot to come out of the mental and physical trauma. Whatever happens, happens for good and it made me stronger in life, and more cautious. You just can’t live a life in fear but you’ll have to be careful, so I do that and life is going good!

How’re you managing so many languages?

It’s fun actually! [she says laughing] to meet people from different regions, different languages, and from all around India. I enjoy it! And I learn very fast, I catch words when people talk and it’s very easy to understand.

How do you manage your personal life and so much travel and work? 

I balance my life. I take break every 2 -3 months. Whenever I get time off, I travel somewhere for 2-3 days or I go to see my family in Himachal. It’s very important to take breaks in between, to refresh your mind and focus on work. If you constantly work, then at some point you won’t have that interest in working.


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