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Kushi Review – Regular Story, Fresh Treatment

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kushi review
Kushi Review – Effortlessly weaving elements of romance, comedy, and relatable social issues, “Kushi” featuring Samantha and Vijay Deverakonda, emerges as a breath of fresh air this September, writes Manju Latha Kalanidhi
Kushi Review
While not every film may attain the status of a cult classic; when a film possesses its own captivating moments, leaves you with at least three or four memorable lines and melodies echoing in your mind, it certainly deserves a solid three-star rating, and “Kushi” comfortably fits into this category.
The narrative follows a predictable and linear trajectory – boy meets girl, they fall in love, he proposes, and she accepts. However, the twist lies in the families’ disapproval. In this case, the disapproval is rather unconventional because Viplav (played by Vijay Deverakonda) hails from a rationalist family that rejects notions of God, worship, and religion, while Aaradhya (portrayed by Samantha) comes from a traditional Brahmin family deeply rooted in beliefs like gotram, jatakam, and homam. The clash begins here when their families conclude that the two will never find happiness together due to astrological mismatches, particularly concerning their prospects of having children. Chaos ensues as the couple’s everyday arguments create a rift between them. The resolution of their conflicts forms the core of the second part of the film.
“Kushi” delves into issues such as blind faith in astrology at the expense of common sense and science. It cleverly incorporates humor into topics like male potency and handles an awkward semen collection scene with grace.
Vijay Devarakonda
Vijay convincingly portrays the innocence and eager-to-impress demeanor of a young man in love who struggles to cope with his wife’s tantrums after marriage.  A contrast to his role in the cult movie Arjun Reddy, but an extension of his role in Geeta Govindam. Samantha, familiar with such docile roles from films like “Majili,” (but in contrast to her role Raji in Family Man 2) effortlessly embodies her character. However, it would have been refreshing to see Samantha’s character exhibit more fun and carefree moments.
The standout scenes in the movie revolve around the contrasting ideologies of the fathers, illustrating that it’s neither science nor astrology, but human emotions and love that ultimately triumph. Hesham Abdul Wahab’s music is haunting, particularly tracks like “Kushi,” “Aaradhya,” and “Na roja nuvvey.” These tunes will likely have you humming long after leaving the theater. Wah, Wahab ji!
The film also cleverly references “Arjun Reddy” multiple times, evoking nostalgia among the audience. Some scenes in Kerala involving a couple and their daughter may remind viewers of a similar sequence in Mani Ratnam’s “Sakhi,” but this resemblance doesn’t detract from the overall experience.
Sharanya Pradeep (who played Sai Pallavi’s sister Renu in Fida) and Vennela Kishore contribute charming supporting roles to the film. All in all, “Kushi” offers a delightful family outing, filled with laughter (particularly aimed at our collective fascination with astrology) and opportunities for reflection on science. It provides fresh scenes, humor, and an overall enjoyable experience—a cinematic treat in 2023.
Kushi Review –
Varsham lo oka manchi allam chai lanti cinema, so to speak.
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