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Mangalavaaram Mural Lights Up Hyderabad’s Necklace Road

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Mangalavaaram Mural Lights Up Hyderabad’s Necklace Road

Mangalavaaram leaps off the screen and onto the streets of Hyderabad! Disney+ Hotstar’s thriller, Mangalavaaram, takes center stage with a breathtaking mural adorning the iconic Necklace Road, painted by the talented artist Lakshmi Narayana.

Artist Lakshmi Narayana has woven the film’s essence onto the wall, pulsating with the energy of its gripping plot. We see glimpses of Payal Rajput’s enigmatic character, her steely gaze drawing you into the mystery. Chaitanya Krishna’s intensity shines through, hinting at the thrilling twists and turns that lie ahead. The mural mirrors the film’s own roller coaster ride of emotions.

Mangalavaaram mural

Mangalavaaram is a thriller movie directed by Ajay Bhupathi whispers of death cast a shadow over a remote village, Mangalavaaram. Shailu, a fearless woman, defies tradition to face a vengeful spirit. Secrets unravel, blurring lines between reality and nightmare in this Telugu chiller. Brace yourself for a spine-tingling ride.

Since its premiere on December 26th, Mangalavaaram has enthralled audiences across Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam with its gripping plot and stellar cast, including Payal Rajput, Chaitanya Krishna, Shravan Reddy, and Divya Pillai. Now, the film’s captivating energy spills onto the cityscape, inviting passersby to experience its magic firsthand.

The vibrant mural serves as a portal into the world of Mangalavaram. Depicts the film’s core elements – suspenseful twists, thrilling action sequences, and the raw intensity of its characters.

The mural is a celebration of Mangalavaaram’s success, following its record-breaking box office run, the film continues to captivate audiences on Disney+ Hotstar, proving its power to transcend borders and languages. The mural adds the buzz and urging viewers to join the thrill ride that is Mangalavaaram.

So, if you’re in Hyderabad, keep your eyes peeled for the magic of Mangalavaaram adorning Necklace Road. Let the mural ignite your curiosity, and allow yourself to be swept away by what it represents. The adventure awaits on the walls and on your screen.


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