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Ming’s Court now at Secunderabad

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Ming's Court

Ming’s Court opens the 3rd outlet in Secunderabad on its 25th anniversary, introduces exotic new flavours

Ohri’s, the iconic restaurant chain in India, celebrates the 25th Anniversary of their exquisite Chinese Fine Dining Restaurant Ming’s Court with the launch of their 3rd outlet at Basera, Secunderabad. The restaurant will offer an all-new menu offering sensational flavors that will tantalize the taste buds, with an exceptional culinary experience and ambiance. The Ming’s Court is adorned with intricate Chinese décor, including hand-painted murals and lanterns that set the tone for an intimate fine dining experience.

Ming's Court

Ming’s Court menu has been curated by a team of expert chefs, who have honed their skills over the years and are well-versed in the art of Chinese cooking traditional dishes with contemporary cooking techniques. From delectable dim sums to sizzling stir-fries, fresh seafood, succulent meats, and vegetarian options, the restaurant promises to offer an unforgettable culinary journey to its patrons.

The delicious menu features classic Chinese dishes such as Jiang Chilli chicken, Konjee Crispy Lamb, and Cantonese Fried Noodles as well as innovative and modern dishes like Spiced sesame chicken, Prawn Suimai Oriental Fried Spring Roll, and much more. An equally interesting beverage menu is also curated by the team to complement the sumptuous menu.

Amar Ohri, Managing Director of the Ohri’s Group shares, “Our aim is to provide our guests with an unforgettable culinary journey that combines flavours, textures, and presentation in a way that is both authentic and contemporary.”

Mings Court Review by Rajeshwari Kalyanam

Mings Court has been a popular name for 25 years in Hyderabad, and for the first time it opens in Secunderabad. The familiar setting of red lanterns and simple setting not to mention the table mats with Chinese Zodiac is reminiscent of old school Indian chinese, and in a way comforting.

In addition to the time tested classics, Mings Court that has come of age has introduced dimsum menu that includes classic Asian Sumai, Corn & Spinach dimsum for the green brigade, and spiced sesame chicken and prawn hargao for the non-vegetarians.

A quick look back into yesteryears Indian vegetarian chinese meant a whole lot of cabbage and a handful other veggies. AT Mings court the Asian menu in addition to venturing into other Asian cuisines like Thai has added quite a choice for vegetarians and each of these dishes seem to have gone through enough trials. When they come on the table they not just look appetizing but are super delicious, offering a balance of crunchy and soft, spicy and sweet – in short offering a wholesome food experience.

Fried spring roll, tofu & broccoli stir fry (we call it a green delight), mountain chicken (a heap of deliciousness), Jinag Chilli chicken and pan fried Asian chilli are our recommendations on the started menu. There is also lotus stem and water chestnut for those who like some crunch in their starters. I personally prefer my waterchestnut in the dessert.

The common factor in all the dishes is a hint of chinese and Indian that come together wonderfully in every Indian chinese dish. On the main course try the prawn sizzler, kungpao chicken (a must have in any Indian Chinese restaurant) , seasonal chinese greens in hunan sauce and Thai green curry (ask for Jasmine rice to go with it) and veg burnt garlic fried rice.

There is an interesting dessert menu thankfully. Hot chocolate roll that can never go wrong and toasted coconut icecream.

PS – If you see a bar counter on one end – it is where some really interesting mocktails are created – smoked tangerine, Thai spiced mango and strawberry mint ice tea for example.

Ohris Mings Court – Basera, Hyderabad

Phone – 098660 01443


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