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Mother’s Day Special – How to Convert Moments to Memories

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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a refresher to the joys, the trials and tribulations of being a mother – and also a reminder of the wonderful moments that mostly go undocumented – savouring moments is Pallavi Jhawar’s idea from her many that you will read in her recently published ‘Moments to Memories’ books

Are we happy?

Author, Founder of Happevolution – reveals the secrets to happy parenting and preserving life’s footprints in her ‘Moments to Memories’ books.

Happiness Guide

She says the reason why people are not able to be happy is because ‘Instant Gratification’ is what they are looking for. “Everything is like in a click of a finger. I feel that we need to slow down. We really need to appreciate each frame of life as it passes by. We have all become like literally multitaskers. Wanting to do 10 things at one time. It is really a question if that really works. Just like a small child, whatever we need – we need them right now.

We need to give time for things to happen. Things take their own time, and their own direction.”

Life must be enjoyed slowly – and life is then beautiful is the mantra that Pallavi shares, and in her book – “Moments to Memory, Preserving the Footprints of Life” – she writes about how we can enjoy the process – of living. Her other book ‘Moments to Memories, preserving the journey of parenthood’ comes from her experiences of being a mother.

Pallavi is a Chartered Accountant, was born in Calcutta, worked in the corporate world in Mumbai before deciding to change her path. She has been in Hyderabad since 2012.

From doing a Montessori course in nutrition, in order to educate young minds came by when she had a daughter. And, as a mother to a growing teenager and as a person who enjoyed creating personalised experiences and memories for family and friends, she realised the potential of carrying it forward as a vocation. In Mumbai she started Pink Elephant which was into creating and designing happy memories.

Writing her book has been a dream that only began to take shape in 2022 Post Covid, she shares.

“I’ve been practicing ‘happiness’ and experiencing parenthood in my life, with my spouse, my daughter, with my friends and family. I decided to pen these things down because there are a lot of ideas which keep coming to me and I keep implementing.

Moments to Memories, Preserving the Journey of Parenthood

Pallavi describes her boon – “It’s basically a guide for parents and parents to be. It helps to capture the laughter, tears, and the countless milestones. It basically helps you to make your family time more joyful, fruitful and, helps you build the connection into the fabric of everyday family life. It’s kind of enjoying the mundane and extraordinary.

Anju Poddar – Art Connoisseur & Author; Alka Bangur – Industrialist and Philanthropist; Srilakshmi Reddy – Founder & Director of Keystone International School; and Sindhura Indukuri – Founder and Director of The Sri Ram Academy attended Pallavi Jhawar’s book launch in Hyderabad. The books are available on Amazon

The book is also a lot of ideas – 50 ideas with a lot of things interwoven in them.

And, among them are gratitude, affirmations, friendships. knowing your child better and knowing your parents better…and even birthday ideas, and journaling.”

“I think it’s a complete package. What you need in life from childhood till up to 18 years or even further, I would say,” relates Pallavi.

A Quick Mother’s Day Tip from Pallavi Jhawar Mother & Author

For a parent, the first few years of a child are the most memorable but they seem to disappear in the blink of an eye. I want to help you preserve those memories forever and relive them throughout your life with your loved ones. Living in an advanced digital era is a boon, however, unless one organises in a systematic manner, all the captured memories and important notes will simply keep piling up.

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