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Mum’s Kitchen from Goa at Novotel Hyderabad

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Mum's Kitchen

Mum’s Kitchen in Goa is popular for its heart in the right place – in its own culture and cooking traditions. With recipes picked from women from villages, ad ingredients sourced from the local markets, the restaurant has started gaining popularity and continues to offer amazing options – both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Mum's Kitchen

When Novotel Hyderabad decided to do a special food promotion of Goan food, the f&b team thought right when it invited Mum’s Kitchen folks to recreate their magic at the Food Exchange. A touch of colour here, and a touch of prop there, a hat here and a flowery shirt add to the Goan vibe to the already peppy and casually elegant coffee shop.

The buffet spread has an extensive addition of Goan dishes – be it the vegetarian options that are simple and hearty with their Saraswat influence -Dudhyache Bhaji – yellow pumpkin cooked with local spices garnished with coconut, Moonganchi Usal – a dry preparation of sprouts with just a dash of Kokum can easily be a salad or a side dish to the steamed rice and varan (palin dal but so Goan even in its mild form minus the garlic and onion) combo.

Alasande Kaajju Bii Tonakh the Kidney beans and cashew nut cooked in coconut gravy is also very tasty and unique to the Goan cuisine.

The non-vegetarian side of Goan cuisine is a good showcase of its rich sea food and wide variety as well. Shivodache Kodi – Lobster meat cooked in mild Spices, Bharlele Bagde – Mockarel stuffed with green chilli paste, Mankyo Amot til – Squids dish that goes so perfectly with steamed rice, the quintessentially Goan Xacuti withGoan rice, Bafado De Gullinah – Boneless chicken cooked in red masala and blended with coconut milk, which is infact an essential ingredient in most dishes, and ofcourse what could pass of as the brand ambassador of Goa – the Vindaloo.

The amazing effect of having Mum’s Kitchen in the kitchen translated well into the menu especially the desserts. Theres the Bebinca ofcourse, one of the best I have ever had, but there’s more.

Bolina, Vonn, Lomboli Poi that could be the payasam of Goa – and Alle Belle- Wheat pancake with – the Goan Food Festival at Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre introduces amazing dishes authentic to the region – a few that we know and many we come from the local kitchens of Goa.


The festival menu is available on the buffet during dinners until 28th – and also on the Sunday brunch on 29th.

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