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Victory Venkatesh says, “I became an assistant director with Saindhav.”


Victory Venkatesh says, “I became an assistant director with Saindhav.”

Victory Venkatesh celebrates his 75th milestone with the much-anticipated film ‘Saindhav.’ Helmed by the talented director Sailesh Kolanu, this Sankranthi offering has already garnered considerable attention through its teasers, songs, and trailers. Producer Venkat Boyanapalli, from Niharika Entertainment, wholeheartedly backs this ambitious project, scheduled for release on January 13. During a recent press conference, Victory Venkatesh provided intriguing insights into the upcoming cinematic venture.

Q: What Makes ‘Saindhav’ Different?

   – A: An extraordinary climax, highly emotional, well-designed action. There is novelty in storytelling. The movie brings a new experience.

Q: Isn’t ‘Saindhav’ your 75th milestone? Do you feel any pressure?

   – A: I don’t sense any pressure. Seventy-five is merely a numerical designation. However, milestones like 50, 75, or 100 in a career are naturally viewed as significant. Personally, I aim to approach them with honesty when the time comes. Each movie is distinctive, demanding dedicated hard work. The journey ahead is extensive, and there’s much more to accomplish.

Q: What Attracted You to ‘Saindhav’s Story?

   – A: The film carries a beautiful daughter sentiment. Unconventional emotional action sequences enrich the storyline. The action unfolds naturally in this fast-paced movie with a unique backdrop. Collaborating with director Shailesh Kolana has been an exceptional experience.

Q: How did you feel working with Children, and your thoughts on Baby Sara’s performance?

   – A: I have always loved working with children. Baby Sara has a spark, and gave a wonderful performance.

Q: Have you given any inputs for Saindhav’s Story?

   – A: Sailesh, the director, created a great story. When I joined the project, “I became the assistant director,” having normal discussions and giving feedback if needed. But, my main focus is on acting.

Q: We have seen you dancing in promotions, this is new! Does Saidhav have any similarities to past roles?

   – A: Dancing? That’s just a natural response to the beats. No. There are no similarities between Saindhav and Dharmachakram.

Q: What is your experience working with Nawazuddin Siddiqui?

   – A: Great experience. Extraordinary actor. Unique portrayal in ‘Saindhav.’ Each character holds special importance.

Q: Is Saindhav, a new generation movie like hollywood?

   – A: It is a new genre for me. Director’s creative team introduced a fresh idea. ‘Saindhav’ world-building is different, possibly leading to more such stories.

Q: What is the importance of music in ‘Saindhav’?

   – A: Santhosh Narayanan is an excellent musician. Background music and songs like ‘Wrong Usage’ and ‘Saradale’ are superbly composed.

Q: How could you make a career without controversies in 75 Films?

   – A: I don’t know. Since childhood my mentality of not making anyone uncomfortable. I have maintained it in school and college and in all my life.

Q: What is the movie with Nani and Swami Vivekananda’s Project?

   – A: I’m up for doing it all! Swami Vivekananda’s script is at a level, with two makers working on it. There are no plans for a sequel to ‘Seethamma Walkitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ yet.

Q: What is the next movie?

   – A: Two or three stories are in consideration. Nothing is finalized. And I want to wish everyone Happy Sankranti. I also wish for brilliant success for all four Sankranti movies. Thank you.


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