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Shanmukhapriya & Stephen live in Hyderabad

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Popular singer Shanmukhapriya & Stephen Devassy will perform live at Shilpakalavedika on October 9th at 6pm. “I have been preparing a lot for this show. I am going to bring something very special to the Hyderabad audience,” she shares.

Shanmukhapriya &Stephen

Excerpts from an exclusive interview with FRIDAYWALL

Shanmukha! Her mother called out to her. And, as I waited to talk to her on the other end of the phone, one couldn’t help but notice how proud she is of her daughter, who is named after a beautiful Carnatic Raga. They say names do not just give identity but are supposed to be inspiring. Turns out, Shanmukhapriya, true to her name, is an extremely talented singer, who has continuously honed her skills on her way to become the darling of music lovers. She participated in several shows and competitions, the latest being the prestigious Indian Idol. Some she won, and some not. But, she has always rocked; through her energetic performances on stage and the reality shows, where she loves a challenge and gives her best and more.

Shanmukhapriya & Stephen

I was just five years old when I participated in ‘SaReGaMaPa Little Champs’. I was a kid and don’t remember much, even though I do remember that the judges used to love my singing and would praise me. During ‘Indian Idol’, I was actually excited and wanted to challenge myself every time. It was here that singers came from all across- Rajasthan, Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata…It was interesting to learn different forms of music that each one brings and to share my music with them. Then there were mentors, who would help me. Every time I was on stage I tried to give my best. I always tried to do something different,” she relates her experiences from one of the biggest reality show she was part of.


She says she has many best moments from ‘Indian Idol’. “But, if I have to pick they would be when I sang “Bhare Naina”. It is based on classical music and I am happy with the way I could execute it. I will also mention ‘Humma Humma’ with Stephen Devassy. I got much appreciation and love for the song.” Interestingly both these songs are quite different in form, and the way she improvised and executed them displayed her versatility. Especially the video with Shanmukhapriya & Stephen continues to have record views.

What do you miss most when you are busy doing shows and music? We ask.

“I hate being away from my school and now, college and friends. I love to study. And I hope to balance both my music and education. Apart from that I enjoy doing shows,” shares the young singer, who is currently pursuing her graduation in Mathematics. “It is my favourite subject. And, so I knew it would be easier to study and balance it well with my music.

When she is not studying or singing, she is with her family enjoying music and food. “I am a foodie. Infact, one of the other things I enjoy about travelling for my shows in addition to singing is having varieties of food. Music and food are two things I enjoy doing,” she says.

Listening to music, she says, is based on her mood. She does listen to Carnatic music that she learnt from her parents. But she also loves to listen to western music. “I listen a lot to Michael Jackson, Beyonce, SteveWonder, BTS…”

Shanmukhapriya will be performing at Shilpakalavedika on Saturday, October 9, 2021, at 6pm. “It’s been a long time since I came to Hyderabad. I have been preparing a lot for this show. I am going to bring something very special. I wish no one misses it. I hope you all come, enjoy and shower me with your love,” shares this pretty singer who puts her life into every song she sings.

Hyderabad will witness a live concert after a long time. The event as a part of ‘Revive Concert Series’ is presented by Eleven Point Two.

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