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Sravanthi Ravikishore: ‘Kida’ & Future with Ram, Trivikram

Sravanthi Ravikishore

Producer Sravanthi Ravikishore: Journey, ‘Kida,’ and Future Project with Ram Pothineni & Trivikram

Will Materialize A Project With Ram Pothineni and Trivikram: ‘Sravanthi’ Ravikishore

Ace producer ‘Sravanthi’ Ravikishore is known for making a wide array of films. He is coming up with ‘Deepavali’, a rustic rural drama. The film is made in Tamil as ‘Kida’ and it marks his debut in the Tamil market. The film is set for its theatrical debut on the 11th of November in Telugu and Tamil. Here’s what the veteran producer has to say about the same.

You’ve completed 38 years as producer, what’s your comment on your journey thus far?

I am satisfied with almost all the films that I made. There might be financial turbulences associated with them but I am proud of the quality products that I made. I don’t regret anything. My sole aim is to bring my choice of films to our audience.

What’s the reason behind making relatively fewer films?

I am the kind of producer who likes to know each and every frame my director is going to film. I go to sets only after the script is locked and this usually takes time. I work on only one script at a time and that’s the reason behind less film count.

Kida is your first Tamil film, how did this film happen?

I was listening to stories while in Chennai and that’s when my friend referred Kida story. I called the director RA Venkat and he told he was planning to make it with another producer, but then, I got a call from him 15 days later and that’s how this project happened. I never interfered with his making right from day 1. The only thing I asked was budget and the number of shooting days. Talented technicians worked on the film. I was there when the re-recording was happening.

The film received many awards before the release, right?

I made this film not for the sake of profits but for my artistic pleasure. I was in a dilemma whether to go for theatrical release or sell it to OTT. That’s when my friends suggested to send it for awards and film events. The film was picked for Indian Panorama and was also screened at Chennai Film Festival. I take pleasure in making quality content like this. I felt Tanikella Bharani would be the right fit for the main role but later dropped it.

You made the film with lesser known cast like Poo Ramu, Kaali Venkat and others, any specific reason?

We made the film in Tamil and hence the presence of Tamil actors exclusively. I knew our audience will receive a good film regardless of the language so I later decided to release it here as well.

What about the response for the premiere shows?

Dil Raju saw the film, and so did Telugu media. I screened the film for over 200 media friends in Chennai and they gave a standing ovation. A similar ovation was seen in Goa Film Festival as well.

I made the film with a wholistic approach. Back in the day, award films weren’t doing well in theaters but it has changed now. I made this film for both theatrical returns and also the desire to roll out quality content.

This film is releasing amidst other big films this Diwali, what’s your take on it?

Diwali is festive season and our audience will want to try all kinds of films. They will encourage small films along with big films. I believe our ‘Deepavali’ will cater to our audience this Diwali season.

Sravanthi Ravikishore, We heard RA Venkat worked as an office boy, you made him a director now?

I liked the story and that’s it. I believed it will connect with all sections of audience and made the film. He Brought the story to life on screen and I am happy.

Are you listening to stories in Tamil?

I feel that all of Indian cinema has united after Covid lockdown as people are seeing content in all languages. We can make a good story in whichever language and expect good reception from the audience.

Are you releasing the film in multiple languages?

There are no plans to release it in multiple languages in theaters. But on OTT, we will explore the idea of other language release.

You have a star hero in your own house, you can even work with other star heroes, then why did you make a small film?

I am trying to materialize a film with Ram and related script work is going on now. I have turned down more scripts than the films I actually made. I sidelined many scripts before they could even reach Ram. I will make the film with Ram only when I fully trust in the script.

Trivikram touched your Feet at Nuvve Nuvve 20 years event, how was your experience then?

That is our Seenu’s (Trivikram) etiquette. He is a respectful individual. We made many films together and we share a very close rapport.

When are you, Trivikram, Ram making a film together?

I am trying to materialize a film with Ram and Trivikram. But Trivikram has many commitments already. He should find a script that he believes will perfectly suit Ram and when that happens, we will definitely make a film together.

Deepawali Deepawali

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