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Trivikram promises to produce a film for K Viswanath

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‘Viswanadamrutham’ – the new web series launched by the YouTube channel iDream Media is targetted at Telugu film audience, who are passionate about Kalatapasvi K Viswanath’s films and the music in his films. The show presents director K Viswanath’s journey with eminent actors and filmmakers like Chiranjeevi, Trivikram, Venkatesh, singer Janaki, Sumalatha, Tulasi, Balasubramanium. It is by playback singer Parthu Nemani in the presence of the great director himself.


Even though, much of the viewership of this channel seems to be Telugu people living abroad (This I guessed looking at the advertisements), the video is a delight to watch if you are a fan of Viswanath films from anywhere. And in the first episode launched just a few days ago – speaking about one of the greatest directors of Telugu cinema is yet another talented young writer, director, who is the apple of Telugu cinema goers’ eyes, Trivikram Srinivas. And in his words – Just like you should not forget the importance of breathing air because it has become a habit; you must not forget K Viswanath’s films like everything else good in life.


And Trivikram with his clarity of thought and way with words, brought back to memory many scenes in Viswanath’s films that are classic in nature, but for a long time now have settled in the recess of the mind. The movie Subhodayam, the song ‘Kanchiki Pothava Krishnamma, the scene between father and son in the film ‘Neramu Siksha’, the classic ‘Sankarabharanam’ and his favourite film ‘Sagara Sangamam’ – Trivikram like every passionate fan of Viswanath’s films expressed awe and excitement while recollecting each of the scenes, songs, the music, the lyrics, and the directorial prowess. And, being a man who is involved in the process of making films, he could throw light on various aspects hitherto not discussed.

Sagara Sangamam1

He conversed at length about the film ‘Sagara Sangamam’ among others and director Viswanath too shared many interesting stories behind the making of a few classic songs. The various scenes and songs interspersed at many places made it a wholesome entertainment, but could have been done with more finesse.

Every moment of the video was engrossing, but the highlight amongst the many is that Trivikram promised to produce a film if Viswanath agrees to direct it – I want to watch you at work and be a part of the making of a classic, he said. A utopian dream for Telugu audience, which one still hopes – will be realised.

While Parthu Nemani did a good job of anchoring the show, and sang amazingly well, he, however, could have been more prepared with his questions. The advertisements were quite unnerving, especially the ones that popped up in the middle out of no where while Trivikram or Viswanath were speaking. In short there is a lot of scope in improving the production value. The content and the vibrancy of Trivikram Srinivas made up for the flaws.

The series is presented by Sruthilaya Televentures & Amrithavarshini and directed by Varun Kotha. And it is indeed a new way of looking at the legendary director – through the eyes of yet another favourite one from Telugu film industry.

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