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Srishti Art Gallery’s ‘Arrival’ Exhibition to Showcase Indian Artistic Diversity

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Srishti Art Gallery- ‘Arrival’ Exhibition to Showcase Indian Artistic Diversity

Anticipation Builds for Srishti Art Gallery’s Reopening

Excitement permeates the art community as the Srishti Art Gallery announces its grand reopening, heralding a significant expansion into a larger and more enriched space. After much anticipation, art enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the gallery’s latest exhibition, ‘Arrival.’ This highly anticipated event promises to be a transformative experience, marking a pivotal moment in the gallery’s history.


Arrival’ Exhibition: A Celebration of Indian Artistry

The centerpiece of the gallery’s reopening is the ‘Arrival’ exhibition, which aims to celebrate the rich diversity of Indian artistry. Curated to showcase esteemed 20th-century artists, ‘Arrival’ offers a platform to recognize the often overlooked talents of South and Central Indian artists. This exhibition represents a conscious effort to rectify historical imbalances and shine a spotlight on artists whose contributions have been undervalued in the past.


A Shift in Artistic Recognition


The ‘Arrival’ exhibition signifies a notable shift within the art world, with increasing acknowledgment of the profound depth and creativity found in South Indian artistry. Through this showcase, the Srishti Art Gallery aims to challenge existing perceptions and foster a greater appreciation for the diverse artistic expressions that characterize Indian art.Art

Embracing Contemporary and Modern Art

As the Srishti Art Gallery enters its 24th year, it proudly embraces both contemporary and modern art forms. ‘Arrival’ features a curated selection of artwork that embodies the essence of arrival in multiple dimensions. From traditional to avant-garde, the exhibition promises to showcase the evolution of Indian artistry and highlight the vibrancy of the country’s cultural landscape.

Invitation to Experience ‘Arrival

The invitation to ‘Arrival’ extends to art enthusiasts, collectors, and journalists alike. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in the captivating world of Indian art and witness the emergence of South Indian artists on the national stage. With the formal i8nvitation enclosed, the Srishti Art Gallery eagerly anticipates welcoming guests to ‘Arrival’ and embarking on a journey that celebrates the diversity and creativity of Indian art.

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