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Exploring Tradition: Kappari Kishan’s Vibrant Showcase at Jehangir Art Gallery

Kappari Kishan explores timeless beauty of tradition in his vibrant showcase at Jehangir Art Gallery. From Telugu women adorned in formal attire to serene Buddhas, his paintings captivate with cultural richness and authenticity

Artist Kappari Kishan’s exhibition at Mumbai’s Jehangir Art Gallery, which began on March 24th, unveils a rich tapestry of cultural and colorful expressions. His paintings radiate joy, simplicity, and the traditional essence of his heritage. Amidst the contemporary world, where the sight of Telugu women adorned in timeless hair decorations and formal attire is rare, Kishan’s art preserves and celebrates these elements, often reserved for special occasions.

Kappari Kishan Kappari Kishan Kappari Kishan

Rain or shine, Kishan’s characters are depicted bravely facing the elements, adorned with beautiful umbrellas. Braids, delicate hair ornaments, and flowers intricately adorn his subjects, adding to the authenticity of his portrayal. The distinct flavor of South Indian costumes further enhances the narrative, highlighting Kishan’s dedication to capturing the essence of Telangana women over his two-decade-long artistic journey.

While many artists evolve with time, Kappari Kishan remains steadfast in infusing his work with serenity and mindfulness. His recent body of work features serene Buddhas, scenes from Jataka tales, and the enduring presence of women characters. Despite their facelessness, these characters hold a profound therapeutic significance for Kishan, motivating him to explore and expand his artistic horizons.


In Kishan’s artistic vision, the disappearance of these traditional damsels from the earth will be immortalized through his works, narrating a tale of beauty and cultural richness for generations to come. As he eloquently puts it, “once upon a time they were people who dressed up so beautifully,” ensuring that their story remains alive and elusive.

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