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The Great Flap – Mukund Padmanabhan’s Debut Book with Penguin

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The Great Flap

Penguin Random House India announced the publication of former editor of The Hindu, Mukund Padmanabhan’s debut book, titled The Great Flap, a narrative history on an important but scarcely known series of events. The book, which will tentatively be published towards the end of the year under the Vintage imprint of Penguin, was acquired at a pre-empt from Jayapriya Vasudevan of Jacaranda Literary Agency.

the great flapThe Great Flap tells the story of a period between December 1941 and mid-1942 when India was in a frightful panic, believing that Japan would launch a full-scale invasion.  It led to a huge and largely unmapped exodus (of both Indians and Europeans) from both sides of the coastline to ‘safer’ inland regions. The book situates the Japanese threat in a larger political context, discussing how it changed the face of both nationalist politics and British attitudes towards India.

Padmanabhan’s book covers the attack on Malaya, the conquest of Singapore, the bombing and eventual occupation of Burma, and Japan’s entry into the Indian Ocean, all of which are narrated in a manner to reveal the impact they ultimately had on India.

Heavily researched and deeply insightful, this book offers a neglected story and is a reminder that history is made in the most unexpected places. The book promises to provide readers with a fascinating glimpse into India’s past and its journey towards Independence.

Author, Mukund Padmanabhan, says, ‘The initial spark for this book was lit by the stories I heard from my mother. She and her family fled Madras in early 1942 when the city was terrified about an impending Japanese invasion. Researching the period led me to a story with a larger narrative arc – one that moves from Malaya, Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia to India. I am delighted that Penguin Random House will be publishing the book and equally pleased to be represented by Jacaranda Literary Agency.’

Milee Ashwarya, Publisher, Penguin Random House India, adds, ‘The Great Flap by Mukund Padmanabhan fills a gap in India’s history and shares the story of an important event that had far-reaching consequences. Well researched and engagingly told, I recommend it to all readers of nonfiction.’

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