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Thrilling ‘Mystery’ Trailer Revealed

Mystery trailer released

‘Mystery’ is scheduled for a theatrical release on October 13, and its newly revealed trailer teases an immersive and captivating cinematic journey.

Mystery is slated for a theatrical release on October 13, and its recently unveiled trailer promises an engaging and gripping cinematic experience. The film, produced by Venkat Pulagam under PV Arts, stars Swapna Chowdhary and Saikrishna in the lead roles. Accompanying them are notable actors such as Suman, Ali, Tanikella Bharani, Venkat Duggi Reddy, and Ravi Reddy, each playing distinct characters in this directorial venture by Thallada Saikrishna.

Jabardash Satyasri

Director and lead actor Thallada Saikrishna expressed gratitude, emphasizing the audience’s penchant for content-driven films. He thanked producers Venkat Pulagam and Venkat Duggi Reddy, highlighting the film’s refreshing and captivating mystery thriller elements. The movie is scheduled to hit screens on October 13 in the Telugu States and in Atlanta, USA.

Lead actress Swapna Chowdhary provided insights into her character, which encompasses six different variations, expressing the collective hard work that went into the project for an impressive outcome. She hopes the audience will embrace and enjoy the movie.

Satyasri, known for her roles in ‘Jabardasth’ show revealed her character as a journalist in the film, expressing her delight at the opportunity to work alongside seasoned artists.


Satyasri, Gaddam Naveen, Akella, Shannu, CK Reddy, Shoban and others.


Story writer: Shiva Kaku; Lyricist: Srinivas Surya; Singer: Manoj; Music Director: Ram Tavva; Cinematography: Sudhakar Barle; Editor: Surya Teja Ganji; Dance Choreographer: Sagar.