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When Jhanvi Turned Neon Hot for Sustainability

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Jhanvi Kapoor Walks For Amit Aggarwal and showcases his signature style Neon Skirt and Bustier, embroidered with beads, and paired with new age saree 

I am walking for Amit Agarwal for the first time. I too go for comfort in what I wear. I feel sustainable fabrics are more comfortable, they feel good, and have the aesthetic. I also find that my skin reacts to synthetic fabrics.


Designer Amit Aggarwal has been the flagbearer of sustainability for a very long time now. Zero waste, recycling and repurposing have become his signature. When actor Jhanvi Kapoor arrived in in Hyderabad to walk for his at the Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour 2022 it was a moment, she has been waiting for long she shared.

Amit showcased ‘Pride in Sustainable Fashion’ a concept that celebrated sustainable fashion techniques, complemented by a setting that was inspired by nature embracing undertones of sustainability, crafted by architectural designer Nuru Karim.


Film actor Jhanvi was the showstopper for his Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour 2022, Hyderabad edition. She looked stunningly hot in the neon skirt and bustier paired with a structured drape that Amit chose for her. The ensemble speaks of the designer’s signature style and interestingly the traditional saree is transformed to fit into his design language perfectly.

Amit explains, “With the application of a wide array of hand weaving and hand embroidery bead work techniques, the new-age saree and the neon skirt and bustier paired with a structured drape embody how craftsmanship takes centre stage at everything we do at Amit Aggarwal. At the same time, we continue to prioritize our philosophy of ethereal lightness and zero-waste with use of a single material, that is signature polymer, throughout these outfits.”

During an exclusive interaction with Fridaywall she speaks about her style and preference, “I think I dress up for myself, and I wear what I am more comfortable in. It’s more of self-expression. I usually go for organic earthy tones.”

Does that also extend to her choice of roles, “I do look for a certain kind of roles consciously and I am approached for such kind of cinema. I think its bit of both,” she admits.

As far as fashion is concerned, she says it’s her younger sister Khushi, who is her biggest fashion critic. “Whatever I wear I have to send a picture. She judges whether it’s good or bad. Mom on the other hand loved to dress up. She was our doll and we would suggest what she should wear and loved to help her get ready.”

She adds, “I am a south Indian. I resonate with that side my heritage more and it is a big part of who I am. The south Indian in me does come out intentionally or unintentionally and I am happy about it. I feel I belong to this culture.”

On the personal front Jhanvi says, she is tired of people trying to put a face that they are not, “No one has time for bull shit I definitely don’t have. And, I wish to encourage this in young girls that it’s okay to say what you think even if it’s perceived wrong sometimes. I wish that people encourage that attitude in me as well. It’s overrated to be prim and proper and not be yourself. It’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them. While it’s our responsibility to be aware of things and make informed statements or have informed opinions; if you are not true to who you are, sooner or later you will be a sellout. I would hate that to happen to me.

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