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Slok – The Child Prodigy at T Hub

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13-year-old coder

13-year-old coder Slok is aiming to build an AI Tool to help elderly, and works from T-Hub. This child prodigy and coder is an inspiration for many

Article by Kommireddi Pavan

13-year-old coderVisibly a kid, accessing the key card and entering the IT facility was the first sight of him, which made me curious. “Must be a part of the family day of his parents, who must be working here” – was the assumption. ‘Perhaps going to the cafeteria on the 5th floor’ – was the first obvious and spontaneous thought. Wearing an ID card with smart access, he confidently walked into the escalator.

“which floor..” I asked my curiosity taking over my ego. “4..” promptly came the reply.
In a yet demanding tone, and this time with more curiosity “why 4..?” I asked again. He replied humbly “I work here at t-works..”
I was speechless by the unexpected reply. More pleased than surprised, I walked out of the escalator with him, sat down and spoke with him for a while.
Slok, a thirteen-year-old boy of class 9 from a village in Adilabad district, and son of a farmer with no access to computers – here he was, working in T Hub.
It all started for him post the covid lockdown with an unexpected introduction to coding, software and programming. Then, when opportunity came up he readily grabbed it. He is now on a mission to develop an Artificial Intelligence tool to be installed on a Humanoid robot for it to become a virtual assistant for the elderly people living alone. Monitoring the movements, health, unforeseen emergencies and any specific requirements, which can automatically be reported to the immediate kin or a guardian are part of his vision for Robot’s design.
Not interested in watching films, Slok plays cricket and volleyball during free time. He spends most of his time on the mission. Thanks to T-Works and Thub the Innovation Hubs of Hyderabad. he was given a ready and free admission for an internship upon his application, which will take him a long way for sure.
Diplomatic, confident and modest, Slok initially declined my proposal to write about him on a public portal. It took much explaining to convince him that his story is going to be an inspiration to many that he agreed.