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Vicky Kaushal’s Sam Bahadur Movie Review

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Sam Bahadur

A Cinematic Duet: Sam Manekshaw vs. Sam Bahadur

Did you fall in love with Sam Manekshaw, the person, or Sam Bahadur, the movie? Silly you, for they’re both the same, and that is where Meghna Gulzar’s prowess as a director shines bright writes Vishal Baldev

Bringing a Legend to Life

Bringing to life on celluloid one of the most enigmatic soldiers of the country is no easy task. The attention to detail has to be spot-on, keeping in mind the public scrutiny it’s going to be subjected to. You have absolutely no data or visuals to fall back on, but if the real Sam was a mirror personality of the reel Sam, our army has been blessed to have a leader like him.

Vicky Kaushal & His Insane Portrayal

Vicky Kaushal’s portrayal of Sam is so insane that the man himself would have been proud to watch his performance on the big screen. Every nuance, each mannerism, gait, smile, smirk even, brings back memories of yore.

Dignity and Class in Leadership

Be it getting scolded by his wife or him giving his piece of mind to the PMs, both father and daughter, with firm resoluteness, there is so much dignity and class in the way he presents his views. Most of his interactions in the movie are with his jawans. Delightful conversations full of mutual respect and honor for the services being rendered in protecting the nation.

Role Model for Today

In today’s world where phony alpha males are celebrated, this is the kind of man one should strive to be. The BGM is inspiring and keeps you engaged, with the “badhte chalo” song in particular being one of the finest war cries in recent times. Gulzar saab ka kamaal and the melodious magic of the Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy trio.

Balanced War Depiction

Most of the war footage is archived documentary, and none of it is glorified beyond need. In stark contrast to a movie you saw a couple of days ago where you got out of the theater with a heavy head, every moment of this 150-minute biopic was such a joyous experience. It’s unfortunate that it’s getting overshadowed at the box office, but then it’s a no-brainer looking at the list of the highest grossers of the year.

A Family Affair: A Movie for All Ages

Thoroughly enjoyable, Sam Bahadur is a must-watch movie with your friends and family, especially the kids. Give them a chance to choose the right role model to emulate, Sweetie.


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