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Archies Leaves You Longing for “That” Zoya Touch

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Archies Leaves You Longing for “That” Zoya Touch

Calling all nostalgia buffs! Grab your popcorn and tune into Archies, says Vishal Baldev

Nostalgia Unleashed: The Archies Comic Era

As someone who grew up devouring the cult comic series, The Archies, the first thought that strikes you after watching the movie is..

Questioning the Craze

“Why was I even crazy about this?” Rewinding the clock, those were the years where today’s problems were non-existent – no hate mails, deep fakes, or gender issues. Things were so ‘meh’ in today’s lingo, and that’s exactly how you feel by the time the end credits roll by.

Directorial Letdown: Zoya Akhtar’s Missed Mark

Apart from a lackluster screenplay inducing yawns, it’s the director, Zoya Akhtar, who disappoints. Having admired her for bringing a multitude of human emotions into play in tricky situations, this flat rendition of Archies leaves you longing for that Zoya touch. The dialogues lack zest for a young cast, missing the fun banter found in films like Dil Chahta Hai.

The Musical Journey: Hits and Misses

A semi-musical, the movie is filled with ‘naach gaana,’ thanks to excellent choreography by Ganesh Hegde & Bosco Ceaser. While the young cast impresses, the movie struggles to live up to the high standards set by Zoya’s previous work.

Character Showcase: Highs and Lows

– Agastya impresses on the dance floor but lacks the screen presence to match the moves.

– Khushi Kapoor (Betty) fits into the goody-good shoes but doesn’t leave a lasting impression.

– Suhana Khan (Veronica) shines as the richie-rich gal, portraying a delightful paradox of self-assured ignorance.

– Vedang Raina (Reggie) stands out as the dark horse, a self-proclaimed casanova with an attitude.

– Aditi as Ethel is a lovable character with a head on her shoulders.

– Jughead disappoints as the zen guy, missing the legendary wit and sarcasm.

– Aly Khan as Mr. Lodge leaves an impression as the conniving businessman.

The Bright Spots: Watchable for the Memories

Despite its shortcomings, the movie becomes watchable for the memories it ignites of good old times. The refreshing soundtrack from Shankar Ehsan Loy and dreamy locations add to its charm. The movie stays true to its roots with no blood spilled or cuss words spoken. The highlight? The picture-perfect milkshakes from Pop Tate.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Grab a bowl of popcorn, take a trip down memory lane, and find yourself smiling at some stupid incident from a few decades ago.


ArchiesAbout the Author: Vishal Baldev is an ardent movie buff who likes to pen down his views on social media. All of his content is unpaid, unbiased and is written out of his love for cinema.







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