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Mamagoto on Road No 12, Banjara Hills

Mamagoto, the chain of restaurants in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru is now in Hyderabad.  The interiors are colourful, quirky and designed to create the most informal of the ambience. It is noisy, the happy kind. There’s a beautiful bar that is yet to get a licence. And a live counter that makes some of the stuff and more than anything adds to the chaos.


Quirky Interiors

Looking for a quiet lunch or dinner – look somewhere else or choose the takeaway option. Hoping for some really refined Asian food – well…not so sure this is for you. For, here’s a place that makes no pretence of authenticity. It’s a fun place meant for fun eating and even calls itself – Fun Asian.


Colourfully Asian Menu

Spicy enough to cater to popular South Indian palate, the Asian flavours get a heady Indian twist and it isn’t so bad after all. However, if you are averse to soy, then do specify. Somehow, I found a few rice dishes using a lot of it and I wasn’t so happy with it.


Tomyum Soup

Must try on the menu:

Tomyum chicken/vegetarian soup

Chinese Sour and Pepper Soup

Thai Chicken Water Chestnut Salad

Street Style Spicy Dumpling

Hot Basil Chicken Cups

Rock Shrimp Tempura

Thai curries


Homemade Coconut and Palm Sugar Ice-cream


Rock Shrimp Tempura



12th Square, Road No 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad


Opp Audi Showroom







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