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Bro Review – Bromance Gone Wrong

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Bro Review

Bro Review – PK’s coming together with his nephew is expected to be electric – but ‘Bro’ hardly creates any ripples leave alone a storm for lack of a tight script – which is least of the problems

A remake of ‘Oh My God’ – ‘Gopala Gopala’ had Pawan Kalyan as God with Venkatesh reprising the role of Paresh Rawal. Then there was a latest movie of Vishwak Sen ‘Ori Devuda’ where Venkatesh gives the hero a second chance to relive his life. ‘Bro’ is hence not a new theme – there have been not just two other films but many more when the God comes down to earth to teach the human hero a lesson or make right the wrongs of the world.

Then there is ‘Bro’ where Pawan Kalyan dons the role of ‘Time’ which isn’t in anyone’s control. And it is this myth that Markandeya or Mark played by Sai Dharam Tej carries with him, that he can control everything and everyone including time. He is a control freak and is always in a rush to move ahead in life and does not spare time for himself or his loved ones including his girlfriend – Ramya (Ketika Sharma). He is awaiting a promotion and is planning to get his elder sister married, the other sister educated and he even controls career choices of his brother, who works in the US. He running about in his life until there is an accident and he finds himself in presence of Time – Pawan Kalyan who is all set to take him away. However, he gets 90 days to complete his duties towards his family. And the film is the drama that happens in these 90 days.

Bro review


The premise of the film has a lot of scope, for emotions, drama, fun, entertainment mingled with profound life lessons – all delivered with a dash of Sai Dharam Tej who is high on his latest hit Virupaksha and Pawan Kalyan – the God to lakhs of his fans. And you have Trivikram behind the pen, Can it get more perfect than this.

But sadly, the film is a no brainer from word go. Cliched sequences, unimpressive narrative, ill-conceived drama and underutilized cast – the film has gone wrong on so many counts that it is difficult to pinpoint one reason why ‘Bro’ has totally failed to deliver on expectations.

Bro Review

PK’s coming together with his nephew is expected to be electric – but Bro hardly creates any ripples leave alone a storm for lack of a tight script – which is least of the problems.

Here are two heroes one of them with crazy following and there are bound to be some massy scenes for the fans to rejoice and whistle over – trust the director to sew them into the script in such forced manner that they fail to be impactful or engaging. PK too looks a little too casual in his approach to this role. For God who can make anything happen with a click of his fingers he falls short. Even the heavy-duty life lessons are unconvincing. The music and dance are hardly impressing. Comedians come and go doing nothing for the film. Till the end of the film, the director lacked clarity in designing the characters. The major failure is ofcourse in defining Pawan Kalyan’s role – between a fun-loving God, to being this intense character, a mentor and this stylist hero who is supposed to be delivering catchy dialogues and crazy stunts – PK only emerges as this reluctant participant in this scheme of things.

Bro Review

And, by the end of the film – you end up screaming in frustration on what a waste of ‘Time’ it was. Bro directed by Samuthirakani is written by Trivikram Srinivas based on a 2021 Tamil film Vinodhaya Sitham – is lost in itself trying to be classy, massy, fun and intense at the same time.


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