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Soul of Satya – A Review

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Soul of Satya – an ode to unsung warriors of India is beautifully shot and emotionally rendered music feature

There is a beautiful poem by Alfred Tennyson – Home They Brought the Warrior Dead – which end like this –

Rose a nurse of ninety years,

Set his child upon her knee—

Like summer tempest came her tears—“Sweet my child, I live for thee.”

Soul of satya

Soul of Satya starts as a story of this young girl who grows up in a typical family where a girl is restricted in the name of protection. She grows up in fear of the unknown and with a notion that she has to serve her husband and keep him happy and ensure he is not angry – instead she finds a husband who is keen on keeping her happy. He showers so much love and attention that she slowly becomes a happy soul.

Soul of satya

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