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Calling Sahasra Review

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Calling Sahasra

Calling Sahasra featuring Sudigaali Sudheer from the popular show ‘Jabardasth,’ hit theaters this Friday. Let’s see how the film fares in this review


Ajay Srivastava (Sudheer), a software analyst in Hyderabad, finds himself captivated with his new acquaintance Swathi (Dollysha). When he purchases a new SIM card, peculiar and unexplainable occurrences begin to baffle him. Strangely, he starts receiving calls and messages from his own mobile phone, leading to unexpected events. As he tries to crack the mystery, he becomes entangled in a murder. The story unfolds as he embarks on a solitary quest to unravel the mystery surrounding the mobile phone, the mysterious girl Sahasra. Is it a result of a supernatural force or a human — you have to watch it on the screen.

Calling Sahasra


The movie moves at a slow pace, with dialogues occasionally over-explaining things to the audience. The attempts made at cracking humour, especially those targeting the male lead’s sidekick, lack timing. The director’s effort was to create a genre-bending film by using overused elements , but it fell flat on the face because of its silly writing.

The first 30 minutes was so tiresome that you got into a state of confusion before you could realise which is hallucination and which is reality. Ufff…The main storyline takes an eternity to unfold. The conversations between the main characters are terrible. The production standards are so poor that one would think the producer might have run into debts after making this film — a song shot on the outskirts. Dude, the countryside has better picturesque locations. Siva Balaji’s dialogue delivery is so dull that it could easily put you to sleep.

Unexpected and forced plot developments make typical thrillers seem so amateurish. ‘Calling Sahasra’ background music alternates between melodrama and horror. And you might witness moments when music abruptly goes silent. Apparently, it looks like the makers rushed to post-production work without much thought. Sudheer excelled in a specific style of comedy, a fact well-utilised by ‘Jabardasth,’ the TV comedy show. However, ‘Calling Sahasra’ makes it abundantly clear that he is not cut out for the role of a hero. His emotional expression falls short, and the film’s impact is further marred by haphazard editing and poorly chosen camera angles.


Calling Sahasra is a nightmare for those love thrillers, stay away!



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