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Chevella MP Ranjith Reddy Inaugurates Essenshia Salon Lounge


Essenshia Salon Lounge’s commitment praised by MP Ranjith Reddy

A brand new luxury salon lounge, Essenshia Salon Lounge, has opened its doors in Attapur, Hyderabad, offering a unique experience for Hyderabadis. Chevella MP Ranjith Reddy inaugurated the lounge and praised its commitment to providing world-class services in personal care and hair styling using modern techniques, competing with international brands. He congratulated Swati Reddy, the founder of the Essenshia Salon Lounge.

Speaking at the event, Mohammed Sharif, President of the Television Producers’ Council and senior journalist, said that the Essenshia Salon Lounge is a great platform for the young generation, offering a wide range of services for both men and women, including haircuts, styling, coloring, facials, manicures, pedicures, and skincare. Doordarshan’s former director Vijaya Bhagavan and prominent lawyer Suresh Kumar also attended the event and congratulated the organizers.


Swati Reddy, the founder of the salon lounge, said that Essenshia was established with the young generation’s aspirations for beauty in mind. They aim to introduce new fashion trends while providing modern and stylish services for both men and women. Their team consists of trained experts who are well-versed in modern trends and can provide quick and satisfying services. She assured the customers of the best price and best service.

The salon’s interior boasts modern technology, comfortable seating, and an Italian theme, creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers. They offer various services like nail extensions, gel polish, refills, and special makeup for brides. Actor Sohel said that experiencing Essenshia’s services while enjoying coffee and soothing music is a unique experience. Several social media influencers who attended the event expressed their joy at having access to skilled professionals with cutting-edge technology, artistry, and global training who can hide even the smallest flaws with hair brushes and HD makeup techniques, making everyone look their best.


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