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Swecha Telangana Introduces Swecha Gonthuka

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Swecha Gonthuka

Telangana Introduces Swecha Gonthuka: Telugu Voice Assistant Initiative

Swecha Telangana, a leading advocate for technological innovation in the Telugu language, has unveiled its latest endeavor – Swecha Gonthuka. This groundbreaking project aims to bridge the gap between technology and the Telugu-speaking community by developing a sophisticated Telugu voice assistant capable of understanding and responding in various regional dialects.

The inauguration of Swecha Gonthuka took place at the premises of Swecha Telangana in Gachibowli. The event featured an AI for Telugu Concert, showcasing the organization’s commitment to community involvement in technological advancements. Renowned singer and composer, Ram Miriyala, graced the occasion, underscoring the importance of preserving linguistic diversity in the digital age.

Swecha Gonthuka represents a significant milestone in Swecha Telangana’s mission to promote Telugu language technology. The project’s primary objective is to train computers and phones to communicate naturally in Telugu, enhancing accessibility and usability for Telugu speakers across diverse regions. To achieve this goal, Swecha Telangana aims to amass 10,000 hours of Telugu voice data by the end of February 2024.

Community participation is vital to the success of the Swecha Gonthuka initiative. Individuals are encouraged to contribute to the project by donating their voices or recording 50 Telugu sentences as a family. These voice samples will serve as valuable data for developing advanced artificial intelligence models tailored to the nuances of the Telugu language. The outcomes of these collective efforts will be showcased at the Swecha AI Days Conference scheduled for late March 2024.

Ram Miriyala, speaking at the inauguration event, expressed gratitude for the enthusiastic participation of the community. He emphasized the pivotal role of community engagement in shaping the future of AI technology in Telugu, highlighting the importance of preserving linguistic heritage while embracing technological advancements.

Swecha Telangana has a long-standing commitment to promoting technology in the Telugu language through the Free Software development model. Previous initiatives, such as the AI Chandamama Kathalu Datathon, have engaged over 8,000 participants from colleges across Telangana. The organization remains dedicated to empowering local communities through language preservation and technological innovation.


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