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DHARANI Festival 2023: Arts, Culture, and Nature Celebration

DHARANI Festival

DHARANI Festival: A Harmonious Fusion of Arts and Nature at Bansilalpet Stepwell

A Cultural Extravaganza

On the 25th and 26th of November, 2023, at 6 pm, prepare to embark on an enchanting journey at ‘DHARANI,’ the 2nd Edition of the FEET ON EARTH FESTIVAL, held at the historic Bansilalpet Stepwell. This remarkable festival is designed to celebrate the intersection of history, arts, and ecology in a way that harmoniously blends culture with nature.

A Showcase of Artistry

The 25th of November brings a lineup of captivating performances that promise to leave you spellbound. The evening commences with a mesmerizing Kuchipudi dance by the acclaimed Pujita Krishna. ‘Gayon Bayon,’ presented by Sri Sri Jorabari Satra, takes you on an artistic journey, followed by a captivating Mohiniyattam performance by the talented Gopika Varma. Engage in the art of storytelling with Kriti Stories, adding a touch of traditional narrative charm to the evening.

As the sun sets on the 25th, the following day, 26th November 2023, will continue to dazzle you with an Andhra Natyam performance by Satwika Penna, followed by the vibrant Lavani and Marathi Theatre presented by Kali Billi Productions. Dive deeper into the world of stories with Kriti Stories for another evening of captivating narratives.

A Visual Art Exhibition

In addition to these fantastic performances, immerse yourself in the visual art exhibition by the talented Charanjeet Singh. His creations promise to captivate your senses and enhance your festival experience with their aesthetic allure.

Preserving Heritage

In the spirit of supporting cultural heritage, a modest arts-appreciation fee of INR 300 for both days has been introduced. This fee goes toward the maintenance and preservation of the architectural wonder that is the Bansilalpet Stepwell. By attending this festival, you contribute not only to a cultural extravaganza but also to the conservation of a cherished historical site.

Reserve Your Seat

Secure your place at ‘DHARANI’ now. Reserve your tickets to partake in this harmonious fusion of arts, history, and nature at Bansilalpet Stepwell. Join us for a weekend of cultural enrichment, where stories, art, and ecology come together in perfect harmony.

About Artists:

An alumnus of M S University Baroda, Charanjeet’s enchantment with history began much before his connection with art. It dates back to his days as a child in his hometown Jamshedpur.
Charanjeet’s appeal for architecture and its connection to art and history began in the year 2017. That was the year when his first work on stepwells was conceived and created which turned out to be a transformative experience.
It was inspired by the Bawli of Ramkund in Rajasthan. Since then the Stepwell series has been his muse and canvas for the better part of the last six years. The Stepwell series has served as a repository of the impressions he picked up from the world around him. His affinity for history, architecture, and his life experiences.

Sri Sri Jorabari Sattra: A Dharmic performing art form, Gayan Bayan is traditionally performed by the disciples of Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardev in the Vaishnavite institution of the Sattra in Assam. Sri Sri Jorabari Sattra from Shivsagar is one of the many sattras in Assam that still continue to perform this ritual tradition. Most of the artists belong to the hereditary tradition and probably never performed outside of Assam.

As part of the promotional series of our upcoming festival here’s a little something about a presentation we are excited about. Lavani is often misunderstood and has often been reduced to crass commercial representations. ‘Lavanyavati’ is an interesting documentary theatre production on the history of Lavani produced by Kali Billi Productions that brings forth interesting facts about this spirited dance form.

Kali Billi Productions (KBP) is a theatre company based in Mumbai. Savitri Medhatul the founder of Kali Billi Productions is researcher, theatre maker and a documentary filmmaker. Savitri has been collaborating with Lavani and Tamasha artists since 2005. Over the years KBP has produced a documentary film and a theatre production Sangeet Bari which ran successfully for seven years.

Pallavi Verma: Founded in 2016, by Pallavi Verma, Kriti Stories is 11 productions old. It is a Hyderabad-based theatre making entity that produces contemporary and novel theatrical productions in English and Hindi, most of which are their original scripts. Pallavi Verma is a trained Kathak dancer and a theatre practitioner. Her storytelling media ranges from acting and dancing to directing theatrical presentations.

Satwika Penna: Satwika Penna is one of the foremost young accomplished talents in the field of Andhranatyam – The Temple dance tradition of the Telugu region. She represents the future of this ancient dance form acquired from the tutelage of her Gurus. An aeronautical engineer by education, she is currently enrolled in PhD at Hyderabad Central University. She holds her Masters in Dance from Pottisreeramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad. She is the first artiste in Andhranatyam to be selected as the recipient of “Young Artiste Award” by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. She is a “B- Grade” artiste from Doordarshan Kendra.


Register here: https://www.darkvibesociety.com/events/feet-on-earth-festival-2023

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