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DSP’s dream come true

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It was DSP’s dream to collaborate on a composition with his
Guru U Srinivas. On September 19, he released an orchestration ‘Legacy’ using Mandolin Srinivas’s composition in a dream come true tribute to his Guru


Mandolin U Srinivas was a child prodigy, who rose to fame playing the mandolin. Soon he became well-known in the Carnatic music firmament.  Srinivas needs no introduction and went to chart a successful path till death snatched him away too early.  Music director Devisriprasad, or DSP  as he is popularly known, is a popular name in the Telugu film industry with chart-busting songs in various films to his credit which catapulted him to the top rung of film composers. Devsriprasad trained under Mandolin U Srinivas (Anna as DSP refers to him) and always holds him in high esteem, acknowledges and celebrates his Guru all the time.

It was DSP’s dream to collaborate on a composition with his Guru U Srinivas. However he didn’t have the courage to ask Srinivas for it. A few years after his guru’s demise, DSP heard Srinivas’ composition on the mandolin. So he wanted to orchestrate this piece using the mandolin track. Srinivas’ brother U Rajesh heeded to DSP’s request and gave him that composition. Then DSP  (as he says it is a divine connection between him and his guru) arranged, programmed and orchestrated the whole piece while listening to the composition on his phones. In this dream effort by the shishya where he pays a tribute to his Guru Mandolin U Srinivas, DSP collaborated with legends like Vikku Vinayakram (ghatam maestro), Selva Ganesh (Vinayakram’s son) , Mandolin U Rajesh and the Weisenberg String Quartet.

On September 19, DSP’s dream turned into reality as he released this piece of music which he says is ‘Guru’s Composition, Shishya’s orchestration titled ‘LEGACY’ from the album ‘Annayya’.

This fusion piece is symphonic and mellifluous to hear. It is a melodious and heart-warming tribute by DSP to his Anna!

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