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Notoriously Note Worthy: ‘RBG’ (Netflix)

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One thing I really respected about her is… she is not a demonstrative, candle vigil type girl… she believes in change that’s sustainable and safe and gives empowerment, says SAI PADMA in her review of the documentary, RBG, on Netflix and a tribute to the legend

I have added RBG documentary on Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which is available on Netflix, to my watchlist some months ago, as I was so wanting to see the feature film made on her enacted by Felicity Jones, titled “On the Basis of Sex” first. The feature film is not available in India yet. I could only see documentary on her, “RBG” on Netflix yesterday. May be much like women’s movement and their sense of equality, I was slow and legally tedious in understanding the urgency for action on women’s issues. I watched it yesterday, on 19-9-2020, the day she passed away. I felt sad that I didn’t meet her during my visits to USA. Sometimes how small the life is…!!

Well… the documentary on Ruth Bader Ginsburg popularly known as ‘RBG’ produced by CNN covers pretty much everything about her life, early days and her biographers, colleagues, husband, children, her plaintiffs everyone spoke so warmly and passionately about her… or rather their association with her. Boy… what a woman… what a legal legend…! To think of something like equality, and not to be discriminated on the basis of sex, when the whole USA the all-white, all-male legal world; for that matter any professional world, totally denies the existence of sex-based discrimination, in jobs, benefits and woman being treated as second class citizens. RBG is a one hour 38 minutes documentary. I was totally totally glued to the screen watching a film about this short smart woman.

‘What have I learned as a woman and advocate for the rights of the vulnerable community; ‘The only way to win an argument- LESS YELLING and BEING THOROUGH with the SUBJECT· Have a partner who thinks your work is also as important as his.· If you wish to prove a point, engage in less or no small talk. NO SMALL TALK AT ALL.· You can be friends with people who are ideologically poles/miles apart from you.· don’t feel shy to voice your dissent when you know it’s going to affect generations.· One way of putting forth your argument before the bench is to make them see the impact of their judgement·’ – RBG

When asked how many women judges she thinks are ideal for Supreme Court, she said 9, stating that when 9 men full bench is ideal so far, why not women??· “Constitution said “we the people” – understand that We the PEOPLE change over time, according to current times, now the people include all, men, women, colored, gay, abled or disabled etc. understand people and respect their choices.”

What a girl… what a girl… at 84, to be that open, transparent. One thing I really respected about her is… she is not a demonstrative, candle vigil type girl… she believes in change that’s sustainable and safe and gives empowerment and totally legal. I found my larger-than-life role model in her. Glad I came to know about her even if its a little late in my life.

(The author is a lawyer, activist, life and disability coach, writer and film enthusiast)

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