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Facts you must know about Cervical Cancer

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The Cancer of the Cervix (lower part of Uterus) is the second most recorded Cancers among women. It is preventable, and early detection is the key. It the second leading cause of Cancer deaths in women and India is in a critical place with 25% of global deaths caused due to Cervical Cancer.

Regular Pap-smear test is useful in early detection and it is wrong to assume that the test needs to be done only after 40. Women can get regularly tested from the age of 21, and women between 25 and 65 years must get a HPV test done every 5 years.

The test is more important because usually Cervical cancer doesn’t show any signs in the initial stages, it is mostly silent before it manifest and shows up as Vaginal bleeding after intercourse of between periods or after menopause; watery bloody vaginal discharge that may be heavy and with foul odour and pelvic pain during intercourse.

Here are a few don’t you must follow before going for a Pap Smear test

Do not schedule your test when having your period.

Start following the following atleast two days before test:

  • do not douche (rinse the vagina with water or another fluid)
  • do not use a tampon
  • do not have sex
  • do not use a birth control foam, cream, or jelly
  • do not use a medicine or cream in your vagina
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