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Ramayana Kalpavrksam for all things Ramayana

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Ramayana Kalpavriksham

Ramayana Kalpavrksam explores ‘All things Ramayana’ through Dance, Music, Arts and Scholarship. For Schedule of Events is mentioned below

A unique – 3 day cultural extravaganza  –  Ramayana Kalpavrksam from  31st March 2023 – to 2nd April 2023, at the CCRT Campus, Madhapur, Hyderabad is an immersive festival of arts and scholarship,  conceived and curated by dancer, Guru and scholar Dr Ananda Shankar Jayant.

Ananda shares, ‘As a resident of Hyderabad, I was keen to curate and present, a multi art festival that would appeal to everyone; and the very first idea was to present a festival centred around Ramayana! Sri Rama and His story – The Ramayana – is a story that transcends space and time – an epitome of love, service and sacrifice. Telling and retelling the Ramayana has not tired the storyteller, the listener or the viewer, and   continues to inspire seers, artistes and scholars across millennia.’

Presented by Shankarananda Kalakshetra & Natyarambha, Ramayana Kalpavrksam (Ramayana – The Eternal life giving tree) is curated as a veritable mosaic of events that has something for everyone and every age group – scintillating performances, by star performers, wide variety of arts ranging from the classical to the popular, thought provoking talks, visual art exhibitions, workshops on rare arts, artisans corner, and special features.

The title of the festival is inspired by Srimad Ramayana Kalpavrikshamu, a 6 volume magnum opus written in the 20th century, by Kavi Samrat Viswanatha Satyanarayana, the first Gnanpeeth awardee in Telugu; which Ananda says, “has stirred the Rama Bhakta and artist in me. I extend my gratitude to the family of Sri Viswanatha Satyanarayana Ji, for permitting us to use this title.”

Adding scholarship to the festival, she invited well known dance scholar Dr Anupama Kylash to curate the talks and conference segment of the festival

Speaking about how Ramayana is more than Itihasa, Anupama, “It is the ‘sutra’, or thread, that binds the cultural, spiritual and philosophical ethos of the entire Indian subcontinent, in one common essence, that is ‘Dharma’, a word, unique to us, as an ancient civilization. ‘Rāmāmrta’, the Conference segment of ‘Ramayana Kalpavrksam ‘, will focus on exploring every facet of the Ramayana, the original, retellings, analysis and interpretations by seasoned academics and experts, young, brilliant scholars and ardent devotees of Sri Rama!”

Ramayana Kalpavriksham

Abhilash and Vignesh

The stellar line up of events include a galaxy of renowned artistes from across the country

Kala Sandhya – Evening events will include

  • Choodamani Pradhanam by Kalakshetra Chennai
  • Vishaka Hari’s Harikatha – Navarasa Ramayanam
  • J Sai Deepak’s talk on Raja Dharma – Lesson From the Ramayana
  • Taaraka Naama – Musical evening by young stars Abhilash Venkitachalam of Super Singer and Sai Vignesh of Kantara fame
  • Anupama Hoskare’s unique puppetry – Ramayana Saptaswara
  • Shankarananda Kalakshetra dance ensemble

Ramamrita – The 2 day-conference on various facets of the Ramayana by senior and young scholars, from across the country – curated by dance scholar Dr Anupama Kylash.

  • Dr Sudha Seshayyan
  • Dr Gauri Mahulikar
  • Dr Nagaraj Paturi
  • Ramaa Bharadvaj
  • Ami Ganatra
  • Vinay Varanasi
  • Surajit Dasgupta
  • Hemant Pandey, speaking from the space of scholarship and Bhakti

Special Features

  • Manas Paath – Traditional recitation & singing of Sundara Kandam of Tulasi Ramayan by Pandit Dilkash Bharti Sadanand Vishwakarma and Party, Varanasi
  • Rama Ayana – Walk with Rama – Nagara Sankeertana lead by musicians TK Saroja & TK Sujatha
  • Pancharatna Kritis lead by musician Sweta Prasad
  • Unique Workshops by Hema Kannan, Rahul Teddy and Anupama Hoskere
  • Rama – Chitra Katha – An exhibition of PP Raju’s pictorial calligraphy
  • Cultural Brand showcase
  • Artisans corner and more

The event is presented by Shankarananda Kalakshetra & Natyarambha, in collaboration with IGNCA, New Delhi .

Registrations : www.ramayanakalpavrksam.com

Date : 31 March to 2nd April 2023 

Venue : CCRT Campus, Hyderabad 


Friday 31/03/2023 01/04/2023 02/04/2023  
Program Time Program Time Program Time  
    Manas Paath – Traditional recitation & singing of

Sundara Kandam of

Tulasi Ramayan


Pandit Dilkash Bharti Sadanand Vishwakarma and Party, Varanasi

7.3am – 9.00 am Rama Ayana –

Walk with Rama Nama

A Public walk with Nagara Sankeerthana

Lead by TK Saroja and TK Sujatha

7.00 am – 8.00 am
Thyagaraja Aradhana

Pancharatna  group singing

Lead by Sweta Prasad

8.00 am – 9.00 am
TEA BREAK – 9.00 am – 9.45 am    
    Ramamrita – I

Scholarly Talks Curated by

Dr Anupama Kylash


10 am – 1.00 pm Ramamrita – II

Scholarly Talks Curated by

Dr Anupama Kylash


10 am – 1.00 pm
Ami Ganatra

Sankalp, Paap and Prayaschitta: perspectives from Valmiki Ramayana


  Vinay Varanasi


Sita from a Shakta perspective 




Hemant Pandey

Hanumat Darshan in Tulsi Ramayana


Gauri Mahulikar

Ramayana – Women composers and perspectives.

Sudha Seshayyan

Kambaramayanam – a treasure for all times


  Surajit Dasgupta

Ramayana: Krittibas Onwards

Nagaraj Paturi

Ramayana n- A People’s Living Tradition

  Ramaa Bharadvaj

Ramayana – Beyond the Desi Land

LUNCH BREAK – 1.00 pm – 2.30 pm
    Kala – Charan -I

Roots of Culture  Workshops


2.30 PM – 4.30 PM Kala – Charan -II

Roots of Culture  Workshops


2.30 PM – 4.30 PM
Hema Kannan

Chitra Kaushalya

Drawing  Auspiciousness – Kolam Workshop 


  Anupama Hoskere- Sutra Putula

Pulling stringsLearn to manipulate puppets


Rahul Teddy

Mala Grathana

Making Garlands for the Gods


  Hema Kannan

Chitra Kaushalya

Drawing  Auspiciousness – Kolam Workshop 


Sanskriti Sanghatana

Cultural Brands Showcase

Short presentations


Rahul Teddy

Mala Grathana

Making Garlands for the Gods



TEA BREAK – 4.30 pm – 5.30 pm
Mangala Vadhyam


Inauguration of Festival

5.00 – 6.00pm  6.00 – 6.30 pm Ramayana Saptaswara

Puppetry performance

Anupama Hoskere and Dhaatu group

6.00 pm – 7.00 PM


Raja Dharma –

Lessons from the Ramayana


J Sai Deepak

Advocate, Supreme Court


6.00 pm -7.30pm
Choodamani Pradhanam

Kalakshetra, Chennai


In collaboration with Kalakshetra Foundation


Rukmini Devi Arundale

Dance Drama

bringing alive the Kishkinda Kandam of Valmiki Ramayanam

6.30 pm – 9.00 pm Bhavayami Raghuramam

Bharatanatyam performance

Shankarananda Kalakshetra ensemble

7.00 pm -7.45 pm
Taraka Naama

Musical evening

Abhilash Venkitachalam & Sai Vignesh


And The Groove Culture

7.30 pm to 9.30 pm
Navarasa Ramayanam


Vishaka Hari

7.45 pm –9.30 pm



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