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Dasara showcases Telangana Traditions in all their Glory – Nani

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Dasara directed by Srikanth Odela with Nani and Keerthy Suresh in the lead is releasing on March 30. The film comes more than one year after Shyam Singha Roy and the teaser and trailer have stunned the audience with an interesting collage of powerful scenes with Nani in a role that is not like anything he has done before. Be it his look, his dialogues or this acting, Nani has definitely defied every expectation, and has pushed boundaries creating a film for all India audience.

Dasara set in a village near a coal mine, is an action film and the trailer showcases the technical brilliance of every department – and Srikanth Odela from the coal town of Godavari Khani investing his passion for cinema, for Telangana and its rituals is evident.

‘While this film is being made in order to entertain the audiences in five languages, and is raw, intense, violent, but you there will be a feel good factor, when you come out of the theatre. More than anything this film is a celebration of Telangana, the language, songs, the many traditions. Srikanth has not just made me say the dialogues or made me enact the scenes, he has taken me through it all. And, it was a great learning and unlearning experience for me,” says Nani, who has nailed the dialect to the T.

“Except for the director who is from the area, none of us knew anything about the world. It is Srikanth, who has introduced us to this world,” he adds. The female lead Keerthy Suresh too worked her way into making it all look real and rooted, and has learned the dialect – “It was difficult in the beginning, but I was speaking to everyone and managed to learn to speak. I dubbed for myself,” she shares.

The songs, especially the ‘Dhoom Dhaam’ song has traditional elements weaved into them creating the character for the film, and the trailer too starts with the popular Bathukamma song. Srikanth has even used songs that he has been hearing from his childhood in the film. Nani has been proclaiming his trust in the debut director from the time he has announced the film, and the trailer has proved that his trust isn’t a misplaced one.

Nani shares that except for the physical challenges of having to work in various conditions and on the sets designed to represent the coal village of Telangana, he did not have to do much homework in enacting his character as Srikanth had it all written out and he had the clarity about what he wanted. “I never think of the result when I do a film. I agree to do a film if it touches my heart and I like it and this doesn’t have to do with whether the director is new or experienced. Then I put in all my effort into the film, and hope that the audience will like it. At the risk of sounding over confident, I believe that this film will create a hysteria amongst audience. Today people compare it with KGF or Pushpa – but once they watch the film they will know otherwise,” assures Nani.


Even though the trailer sets the tone and tenor of what the film is going to be – it does not reveal much else. Both Nani and Srikanth Odela agree that the audience have to wait till March 30th when the film will release to know more.

Until then the team is busy with promotions, and are quite happy for the response in every language. “When we went to Lucknow, we saw the audience repeating dialogues from earlier films. It can be through satellite channels or any other medium, but the audience across India know Telugu films and there is acceptance. It is up to us to make good films and take it all India,” states Nani during press interaction before the release of the film.

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