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Hanu-Man Is Not A Pan India Film, It’s A Pan World Film: Director Prashanth Varma

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The successful combination of ‘Zombie Reddy’ – Prashanth Varma and Teja Sajja come back for a superhero film – Hanu-Man – with original Indian superhero film. Amritha Aiyer is the female lead. K Niranjan Reddy of PrimeShow Entertainment is producing the movie. The film’s teaser launched to great response and Teja shares details about the film at the teaser launch event in Hyderabad.


“‘Manojavam marutatulyavegam… Jitendriyam buddhimatam varishtha… Vatatmajam vanarayuthamukhyam… shriramadutam shirasa Namani…’ Do we have a bigger superhero than Lord Hanuman? The meaning of this shloka is- ‘Who is as quick as the mind and the wind, one who is the master of the senses and is noted for his excellent wisdom, learning, and intelligence. He is the son of the wind god and is the chief among the apes, I bow down to the messenger of Shri Ram.’ For youngsters of this generation, Spiderman and Batman are the superheroes, because we’ve seen them in cinemas. But they got inspired by our culture and our Hanuman. Their superheroes are fictional, but Hanuman is our truth, our culture and our history. Hanuman is our OG superhero. The story is about what a youngster will do when he gets superpowers by his grace.”

He adds, ‘I can’t simply thank Prashanth Varma for believing me that I can do justice to this film. This is our second film together. Prashanth is a great craftsman. It’s a learning process every day and we enjoy working with him. We did this movie with honesty and humility. Hanuman is humble and honest, but he’s mighty. Our film is also the same- we did it humbly and honestly, but it’s going to be mighty. I believe it will give you a visual feast. Our young and dashing producer Niranjan surprises us with his passion and perception on cinema. I wholeheartedly wish the producer with such passion will score a big hit and I’m sure in no time, he will become a star producer.”

“Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Getup Sreenu, and Vinay Rai are the other prominent cast worked hard for the film. I personally put in the effort of doing four films on this movie. I hope, everything will be positive. I recently started my career in 2019, doing character roles in films like Oh Baby. I believe, getting this big project for me is a divine intervention. We’ll soon meet you in the theatres.”

Prashanth Varma spoke about the process of making the film, “Hanuman is favorite god since my childhood. I’m happy to do such a big film about him. I thank my entire team for all their support, from the very beginning. It’s the producer who needs to believe when making such a big film. I thank Niranjan Reddy and Smt Chaitanya. The film got 5 to 6 times bigger than what we initially planned to do, in terms of budget as well. He always said go ahead and let’s make an international film. So, Hanu-Man is not just a Telugu film. It has to be a Pan world film, not just Pan India either. He’s the biggest superhero. He is more powerful than Superman and Batman. We’ve many Marvel and DC superhero universes. I like mythology since my childhood. There is a mythological reference in my previous films as well. For the first time, I’m doing a film on the mythological character Hanu-Man. It’s the first of many to come.

We created Prashanth Varma Cinematic universe with lots of characters. Already Adhira was announced. I’m also planning to do a female-centric superhero film. All these are inspired by mythological characters and are set up in the present day. Definitely, there will be high expectations. Usually, people say that I’m infamous for making better teasers and trailers than actual films. But for the first time, I believe I made a film better than the teaser and trailer. The trailer will be better than the teaser and the movie will be better than the trailer. I have to thank my producer Niranjan Reddy garu who supported me day and night to make this film happen. He believed the movie more than me. So, I’m so fortunate to find a producer like him.

I and Teja Sajja together did Zombie Reddy earlier. We know him as a child artist. He became a mainstream actor with Zombie Reddy. Ten, he did Adbhutham. Then, Hanu-Man. Many people have asked me why I cast Teja in this film. I wanted an underdog. We unknowingly developed a liking for Teja. There is an unknown positive feeling we have about him. We want to see him become successful, might be in cinema as a character or outside life as well. He’s got the charm and I felt he will be a perfect fit for the character. We didn’t think about budget and market while doing this film.

I want to thank the rest of the cast- Amritha Aiyer, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Vinay Rai, Raj Deepak Shetty, and Getup Srinu. We did try 10-15 different get-ups until we finally cracked one. Vennela Kishore will also be seen in a different get-up. Like Gotham City for Batman, we created a fictional place called Anjanadri for this film. The visuals will be crazy. We’re working with multiple VFX studios, particularly the VFX for the teaser was done by Halo Hues. The cinema will also be of the range of the teaser. We are making the movie very patiently. I can make 3 films, in the time of making this movie. Teja believed in this film, and although the shooting was completed a few months ago, he’s literally waiting for this film to happen and putting all his efforts, and everything into this film. It’s going to be a visual spectacle. We hope we made a film that is as good as RRR and Karthikeya and language will not be a barrier for this one. We’re equally putting all the effort to make this film sound very real and local in other languages. We even shot a few scenes in other languages, making sure that they will also feel like it’s their own film. Hanu-Man is a Pan world star. We’re making a really great film. I also thank my line producer Venkat Kumar who’s working harder than me.”

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