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Unraveling Publishing Dynamics at JLF 2024

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JLF 2024

Day 2 of Jaipur Bookmark (JBM) Explores Publishing Dynamics at JLF 2024

The Jaipur Bookmark (JBM), an integral part of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series Jaipur Literature Festival 2024, continued its engaging discourse on the intricacies of publishing during its second day at Hotel Clarks Amer. The conclave, running from February 1st to 5th, serves as a global platform for writers, translators, publishers, booksellers, and literary agents.

JLF 2024

Urvashi Butalia and Ritu Menon in conversation with R Sivapriya

Seven insightful sessions on the day delved into topics such as innovative marketing strategies, technological advances, niche publishing, and multilingualism. The discussions aimed at fostering connections, sharing industry values, and exploring business opportunities.

Marketing in the Times of Social Media:

Experts Pragya Tiwari, Saksham Garg, Atika Gupta, and Jai Prakash Pandey highlighted the evolving role of marketing in book publishing. Emphasizing the growing significance of social media, Pragya Tiwari noted the value of building communities and creating content around books to engage readers effectively.

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before: 40 Years of Feminist Publishing in India:

Urvashi Butalia and Ritu Menon, founders of Kali for Women, shared their pioneering journey in feminist publishing, breaking ground in 1984. They navigated challenges to establish an independent publishing house, focusing on women’s issues and creating a space for feminist literature.

The Language Toolbox: Lexicons, Dictionaries, Thesaurus:

Meeta Lall, Diana Mickevičienė, and Oscar Pujol delved into the intricacies of dictionary creation, emphasizing the need for adaptation to societal changes. Meeta Lall highlighted the role of computerized databases in lexicography and the importance of evolving lexical tools.

Deep Connections: Podcasts and Books:

Amrita Tripathi, Richard Osman, and William Dalrymple explored the relationship between podcasts and books. William Dalrymple, co-director of the JLF 2024, highlighted the extensive reach of podcasts and their ability to complement books, providing a unique platform for authors to connect with a broader audience.

Infinite Horizons: The Landscape of Translation:

Ranjit Hoskote, Mini Krishnan, and Arunava Sinha discussed the surge of translations in India. Arunava Sinha expressed concern about the challenge of making translated works accessible to a wider audience, emphasizing the need for new distribution strategies.

JLF 2024

Pragya Tiwari, Saksham Garg, Atika Gupta, and Jai Prakash Pandey, in conversation with Ajay Jain

The Next Chapter: AI and the Future of Publishing:

Meru Gokhale, Charles Collier, and Safir Anand explored the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in publishing. While acknowledging the potential of AI, industry professionals expressed divided views on its impact. Concerns were raised about the lack of regulation and accountability in the use of AI, emphasizing the need for frameworks to protect both intellectual and consumer rights.

Confluences: Multilingual Publishing in the Global South:

Anitah Aujayeb, Ibrahim Waheed, Bhuchung, and D. Sonam delved into the challenges faced by writers in the Global South, including political and infrastructural obstacles. The session highlighted the determination of writers in regions like Mauritius and Tibet to make literature accessible despite adversities.

The second day of JBM concluded with an air of anticipation for the upcoming discussions, promising a comprehensive exploration of the book industry’s various facets over the remaining days of the conference.


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