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JLF 2024 Begins with Breakout Literary Discussions

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JLF 2024: Exploring Literary Frontiers

The 11th edition of Jaipur Bookmark (JBM) kicked off, running concurrently with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series Jaipur Literature Festival. Held at Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur, the five-day publishing conclave promises enriching discussions on the latest trends across various facets of the literary landscape.

Inauguration Highlights Multilingual Publishing and Translations

At the inauguration, Festival Producer Sanjoy K. Roy, Festival Co-Director Namita Gokhale, and JBM Director Manisha Chaudhry set the tone by emphasizing the conference’s overarching theme: multilingual publishing and translations. Chaudhry outlined key subjects, including LGBTQIA+ writing, dictionary-making, educational publishing, taxation, piracy, and commemorating significant anniversaries of publishers like DC Books and Seagull Books.

Translation Rights Catalogue 2024 Launch

The event marked the launch of the Translation Rights Catalogue 2024, underscoring the commitment to the transformative power of translation in the publishing realm. Norwegian Ambassador May-Elin Stener unveiled the comprehensive catalogue, showcasing fifty titles in various Indian languages. This initiative aims to facilitate rights sales and exchange within and beyond the Indian subcontinent.

Insightful Sessions on Day One

Two engaging sessions marked the opening day of JBM:

Speakers: Bharat Ola, Chintan Girish Modi, Kinshuk Gupta

This session delved into the challenges of Indian queer writing, especially in regional languages. It shed light on the resistance within local literary circles to fully subvert problematic social constructs, despite regional writings providing more opportunities for the free expression of lived queer experiences.

Celebrating 50 Years of Publishing: DC BOOKS
Speaker: Ravi Decee

Reflecting on its legacy, Ravi Decee discussed the success story of DC Books in Indian language publishing. The publisher emphasized the company’s strong foothold, built on embracing debut writers and innovative marketing. The discussion also touched upon Kerala’s thriving literary culture and the significant impact of DC Books on the state’s reading landscape.

Diverse Discussions Ahead

JBM continues to offer a diverse lineup of discussions covering topics such as AI and the future of publishing, feminist publishing in India, podcasting and books, indie publishing, and more. The conclave remains a platform for fostering connections, not only for mutual values but also for exploring business opportunities in the dynamic world of literature.


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