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Keedaa Cola Review

Keedaa Cola Review by Rajeshwari Kalyanam

Mad fun, crazy dialogues, and guns and action adding to the two-hour run time of laughter ride – is in short Keedaa Cola made under VG Sainma banner.

Tharun Bhascker has taken his brand of comedy to an all-new level with this unapologetic comedy action flick—the comedy shifts from slapstick, dry, and situational to absurd and outrageous. Tharun uses wordplay, tongue-in-cheek dialogues, and one-liners, to make the audience laugh throughout the film.

It also has emotions and even romance (which only add to the comedy track) and has a way of making poignant commentary on human greed yet stays on the comic road.

keedaa cola review

Keedaa Cola Cast & Story:

Keedaa Cola story revolves around two sets of people – One group includes Lancham aka Kaushik (Rag Mayur), Vasthu (Chaitanya), who has inner fears preventing him from becoming successful and has Tourette syndrome, and his grandfather (Brahmanandam) who is confined to a wheelchair in the film, yet has a strong presence in the screenplay. They come across a Cola bottle with the brand name Keedaa Cola, which has a cockroach in it. Lancham, who is also a struggling lawyer, comes up with this idea to make money by threatening to expose the company and its owner.

On the other hand is Jeevan, a local goon, who nurtures an aspiration to become a corporator – and for this, he needs money. He and his brother Naidu (Tharun) plan to earn by introducing a cockroach into one of the Keeda Colaa bottles, which would be their ticket to making crores.

keedaa Cola review

The Conflict:

But the bottle ends up with Lancham and the group. The rest of the story is about how together the two sets of people plan to fleece the cool drink company owner.

The boss at Keedaa Cola is no weak man. He too has his aces up his sleeve, which includes employing a sharpshooter to eliminate the troublemakers. The rest of the slickly edited comic action flick is about who emerges the winner in this case, who makes the money.

Keedaa Cola Review – A Fast Paced Crazy Comic Action Flick

The film’s first half is about establishing the context and the characters, which is also its undoing and it barely manages to impress the audience with its share of laughter. While you are contemplating the first half on your coke and popcorn – the second half opens with a bang and the crazy screenplay zooms up the laughter graph as the story brisky unravels. The guns and fights only add to this madness.

Vidya Sagar’s Music is Madly Magical

All this while it is Vidya Sagar’s musical magic that adds to the unique vibe of this film and as the tagline goes – you better pay attention to your breath as the pace may leave you breathless, the catchy background score adding to the drama – which is a good thing for the film.

The writing includes references to Tharun’s earlier hits like Pelli Choopulu and Ee Nagaraniki…for the nostalgia factor without overdoing it.

Performances are Major Plus

While there are no heroes in the film, Rag Mayur and Chaitanya get a fair share of screen time, which they utilize well standing on par with the master at this game – Brahmanandam, whose expressions and dialogues are delivered with restraint and add to the fun.

Keedaa Cola Review –

Keedaa Cola has a good first half and an amazing second half, and when the film wraps up in two hours – you come out thoroughly entertained and overwhelmed with the phenomenon called Tharun Bhascker.

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