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Malvi Malhotra in ‘Ringmaster’ Remake

Malvi Malhotra

Malvi Malhotra Steps into Keerthi Suresh’s Role for Tamil “Ringmaster” Remake

Malvi Malhotra is adding another language to her acting repertoire! The talented actress has been cast in the Tamil remake of the popular 2014 Malayalam comedy film Ringmaster, originally played by Keerthi Suresh.

Malvi Malhotra

Director R Kannan, known for his work on movies like Kanden Kadhalai and Settai, is helming the Tamil version. The film boasts a multi-star cast and is already in production.

Malvi will take on the role of Abhinaya, originally portrayed by Keerthi Suresh. Sources suggest the team was drawn to Malvi’s resemblance to Keerthi and her ability to capture the character’s essence.

This marks Malvi’s debut in Tamil cinema, and she is thrilled about the opportunity. “I’m excited and grateful to be part of this remake”, she shared. “Watching Keerthi’s performance in the original film was inspiring, and I’ve been dedicated to preparing for the role. I’m looking forward to bringing my interpretation of Abhinaya to life.”

As the original actress in this role, Keerthy brought a perfect blend of charm and wit to her character, making Abhinaya memorable to viewers.

Fans of Malvi can catch her in the upcoming Telugu film Tiragabhadara Saami, releasing February 23rd. She also has another project, “Zorawar Di Jacqueline,” in the pipeline.

With her dedication and charisma, Malvi Malhotra promises to deliver a captivating performance as Abhinaya in the Tamil “Ringmaster” remake. We eagerly await her on-screen debut in Tamil!

Musical Brilliance: D Imman Composes for “Ringmaster”

Adding an extra layer of excitement to the Tamil “Ringmaster” remake is the musical genius of D Imman. Renowned for his soul-stirring compositions, Imman’s involvement promises a captivating soundtrack that will complement the film’s narrative, elevating the overall cinematic experience. With a talented ensemble cast and Imman’s musical prowess, anticipation for the film’s release continues to grow. Tamil cinema enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting this dynamic collaboration, expecting nothing short of a cinematic spectacle.

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