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My Remakes Have Been More Successful Than Originals

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Godfather is in theatres, clashes with The Ghost 

Remaking film is challenging for me, its like a comparison to see who will do better, and many times my films have done better than the originals shares Mega Star Chiranjeevi. His film Godfather, a remake of Lucifer releases in theatres.


Interview Highlights

On the love he continues to get from his fans: My fans love is beyond the films that I act in. They consider me as their family member, and I am lucky to be loved so much. In fact during my 150th film, when I was making a comeback and wondered if it woudl be the same. Then we had the pre-release in Vijayawada, and I saw the huge crowd filling the Prakasam barrage, and police finding it hard to control the crowds. That gave me an ego boost.

On why he thinks remakes are most challenging

I do not believe in the word remake and the discussion that it is somehow inferior to remake a film. Once I connect with the core of any film, and I agree and start to shoot, and after that I only depend on the technicians and never refer to the source. For me its a good comparative study,  And, if you look at my record, my remakes have always turned into bigger hits.

On Politics in the film Godfather

This film is in no way a commentary on politics, we have just stayed true to the character and the original film is political in nature. The fact that the political drama is intertwined with the family drama effectively make this a beautiful film. We have kept the dialogues within the boundaries of the character, and there is no conscious commentary.


Working with Satyadev

Satyadev is one of the finest actor in the country, and despite he being a fan boy would transform himself amazingly on the camera.


Salman Khan’s Role

Salman Khan, a dear friend agreed happily when I wanted him to do the role. He is like my lieutenant in the film.

Clashing with Nagarjuna in Theatres

My film releases on the festival day along with Nagarjuna’s The Ghost, and for me it is like going to eat and enjoy festival feast together with him.



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