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Shyam Singha Roy’s Writer Satyadev Shares the Story of Success

The film ‘Shyam Singha Roy’ released on Netflix and the success streak continues for this story rich, visual extravaganza with Nani and Sai Pallavi in the lead. As the movie is getting more and more views, we speak to the writer of the film Satyadev, who has travelled with the director Rahul Sankrityan and is witness to the transformation of his story into a magnum opus.

Shyam SIngha RoyWatching Shyam Singha Roy for the first time on screen was emotional  

A writer is always delighted if his story comes on screen. For me to watch Nani and Sai Pallavi carry the characters so well, and to see how my characters have gained larger than life stature was beyond my imagination. To see the director, take the story on his shoulders and make it so magical gave me many goosebump moments. When I watched the film for the first time, I was so overcome with emotion that I couldn’t watch it for long. Then I went to watch it again with hero Nani.

shyam singha roy


The director – Rahul Sankrityan gets the credit for the success

The entire credit for the success goes to Rahul Sankrityan, the director. I have given him the story. He put in a lot of effort to do the research, get the 1916 period look to the film, develop the story and make it into this magnum opus that you see on celluloid. I was fortunate to have told the story to him, he immediately liked it. To work with a director with a vision and supportive producer to back him up has worked well for the film.

Writing the Story

Cinema is an entertainment field. But we have responsibility to show the society as it is. In the film there are two shades to the hero. One is Vasu, who is trying to prove himself, and his life changes when he gets an opportunity to direct a film. The film is about his connection with the writer with ideals and revolutionary thought process Shyam, who meets a Devadasi and realizes there is so much ill happening in front of him, which he should try and change first. I have used Kolkata backdrop as I terribly admire the way Bengalis continue to be so rooted in their culture and are proud of it. I grew up watching a lot of Satyajit Ray movies. I feel that has had an impact on me. In his movies there is a soul that speaks.

shyam singha royI have known about the Devadasi tradition which is beyond temple rituals and is a seva to the God. The kings, rich and people like Mahants have used this tradition for their gains and have transformed it into a regressive institution. It is important the younger generation to know about these things.

The first film I wrote was for ‘A Film By Arvind’. The film was a hit but I did not get much name with it. Over the years I have faced many rejections and insults. Instead of felling bad about them I chose to keep writing my stories.

The Team

I am so glad to have worked with Rahul. He has taken my story and has travelled in depth with it. He has elevated the movie with his screenplay. The actors were brilliant. Sai Pallavi in the introduction scene emotes so well showing both the pain and beauty in her eyes. Its surreal to watch them perform.

My Future Projects

I personally like thrillers and horror. I have a supernatural crime thriller that is being made on a large scale coming up.

There is a love story with Kasi as backdrop. I am also working on yet another breezy love story like a Pelli Choopulu or Gita Govindam plus few smaller projects. I hope to work with a good team and I am looking at good production houses.

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