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‘Sin’ dares to say it, and says it well

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The web series 'Sin' with Thiruveer Reddy, Deepti Sati and Jeniffer Piccinato in the lead,  is streaming on Aha, the OTT  platform

The undertone of the story addressing the issue of marital rape and homophobia is certainly a plus

– Review by Sahithi Kalyanam
Poster of the webseries ‘Sin’ on Aha

‘Sin’ on the OTT platform Aha, directed by Naveen Medaram, is a frank and a raw take on Indian marital system and the domestic abuse, . It has been explored a few times in Telugu cinema; to a certain extent in new age films like ‘Awe’; however ‘Sin’ constructs a fresh perspective to the subject. The series is inspired by a Bengali show ‘Hello’.

Nandita, a middle class girl is married off to Anand, who works for the social welfare in the women empowerment wing. He turns out to be a pervert and an abuser, and also a cheater. Nandita soon starts to see the excuse of a marriage she is in.

Thiruveer and Deepti

The casting of Anand, Nina, Nandita couldn’t have been better. The characterization of Thiruveer Reddy as Anand throughout the series is very intense; you feel the hatred for him building inside you. The irony created with the male protagonist’s profession and the monster that he is in real, slaps us with the reality of ignorance in the system. Another character that catches the eye and is most underrated is Rekha played by Pavani Karanam; Anand’s sister who seems to have a bigger part than it seems. Her character is a strong and a differing one from the others. More of her will hopefully be seen in the next season. Deepti Sati’s character as Nandita is potrayed as naïve woman but also shows a tough side as she stands up for herself. The character ‘Nina’ played by Jeniffer Piccinato also takes interesting turns in the story and ends up becoming an important part of it. The characters of in-laws’ could have been better and more involving. Ravi Verma as the brother-in-law could’ve been better utilized. His performance was as good as ever, however his character seems to have been lost in the shadows of the others.

Deepti as Nandita

Special mention must be made of the background score and the intro by Sadasivuni Sidharth. The music is intense and enhances the feel of the series. The plot is great and also justifies the suspense. The undertone of the story addressing the issue of marital rape and homophobia is certainly a plus. Lastly it’s an amazing lockdown watch. And a necessary topic for the era we live in.

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