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Triveni Music & Dance Festival at Lalitha Kala Thoranam

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Triveni Festival Concludes With a Musical Splendor

Honoring a Maestro: Late Ustad Alka Rakha Qureshi Receives Posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award (LAA)

In a heartfelt ceremony during the inauguration of the Triveni Music & Dance Festival, the late Ustad Alka Rakha Qureshi, a trailblazing Tabla player, was posthumously honored with a lifetime achievement award. Acknowledged for introducing Tabla to the Western audience and frequently accompanying Sitar Maestro Pandit Ravi Dhankar, Ustad Alka Rakha Qureshi’s legacy was celebrated at the festival.


Remembering Contributions: Mohan Hemmadi’s Impact on Hindustani Classical Music

Mohan Hemmadi’s invaluable contributions to Hindustani Classical Music were fondly recalled at the festival. Siddharth, son of the late Mohan Hemmadiji, shared insights into the festival’s conceptualization by his father in memory of his late mother, Anuradha, highlighting their deep-rooted passion for Indian classical music.

Special Performer: Aditya, an Exceptional Talent in Carnatic Vocals

Adding a unique touch to the festival, Aditya, a talented Carnatic vocalist with autism, is set to captivate the audience with his exceptional performance. The festival aims to showcase the diversity and inclusivity of Indian classical music.

Triveni Festival

Aditya, an Autism boy who excels in Carnatic Vocals among others performed on the last day of the festival.

Soulful Beginnings: Opening Night Extravaganza

Triveni Festival commenced on a soulful note at Lalitha Kala Thoranam in Public Garden, Hyderabad. The opening night featured enchanting Sitar and Santoor recitals by Kum Shruti Katkuri and Kum Shreeja Katkuri, followed by a mesmerizing Percussion Melody by Pandit Yogesh Samsiji, Shri Taufeequ Qureshi, Satish Patri, and Tanmay Deochake.

Upcoming Highlights: Diverse Performances Await

The festival promises more musical delights on the upcoming days. On the second day, Miss Sunil Mishra will grace the stage with a melodious performance, accompanied by Shri Ajeet Pathak and Shri Rahul Deshpande. The grand finale on the third day will feature a stunning lineup, including a Carnatic Vocal performance by Master Aditya, a Sarod recital by Shri Parthosarathi Choudhary, and a captivating Kathak performance by Pandit Rajendra Gangani.

A Legacy of Music: Surmandal’s Enduring Commitment

Surmandal, founded in 1934 by the late Shri Mohan Hammadi, continues its unwavering commitment to promoting Indian classical music. The festival, supported by Canara Bank and the Department of Culture, Government of Telangana, is a testament to the organization’s dedication to showcasing the beauty and depth of Indian classical music.

Triveni Music and Dance Festival, a three-day cultural extravaganza held at Lalita Kala Thoranam, concluded on a high note on Sunday night.