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Driven by Passion – Vishwak Sen

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He comes across as a brat, but look closer – ‘Falaknuma Das’ actor, director, Vishwak Sen is full of passion with his heart set on films; and, is ready to go to any length to be able to be in the film industry. Vishwak Sen shares his madness for cinema in this exclusive interview. No

Vishwak Sen - Paagal Actor

Telugu film ‘Ee Nagaraaniki Emayindi’ that released in 2018 is the story of four young men, who together dream of making their career in film making, and are almost successful before they fall out, and each go their own way. Fate brings them back and they make a film. Vishwak Sen plays the role of Vivek, an intense and angry young director, a role that struck a chord with the young audience who continue to be his big fan base.

Vishwak Sen was just one film old with ‘Vellipomake’ when he was roped in for Tharun Bhascker’s film, which was the turning point for this Hyderabad chap, whose life goal has been to be in the film industry. This was after a frustrating wait for his first film to release, and a whole lot of dejections and insults while he waited in an office for five months for that promised role, before it was given away to someone else. Out of anger, he decided to write, direct, and produce his own film, and was planning the remake of ‘Angmaly Diaries’ as ‘Falaknuma Das’ when ‘Ee Nagaraaniki…’ happened. ‘Falaknuma Das’ too became a huge hit, the dialogues and the scenes garnered a cult following, and Vishwak came across as an actor who defied the normal and made his own rules.  Vishwak’s world begins and ends with films. As a kid, when others went swimming during summers, he enrolled in Arena Multimedia as the youngest student in Asia, he taught himself to edit films, learned PhotoShop software, and by the time he was in Intermediate he knew he was going to be in films.

“I joined Mass Communications at St Marys only because I heard they were going to show me films during the course,” shares this movie buff, whose latest film, ‘Paagal’ releases after much waiting on August 14, 2021.

Vishwak Sen in Paagal

What do you miss most about your days before becoming an actor?

I used to watch a lot of films; at least 2 films to maximum of 4 films in a day. From the time I became an actor, I did not have time. Last year during lockdown I started watching films that I missed.

When you did ‘Falaknuma Das’ you were just two films old. What gave you the courage to write, direct, and act in the film? 

I was not confused at all, and had a lot of clarity on what I wanted to do, so much that I did not have associate directors. I just worked with four other people; they did not have any experience in filmmaking. Otherwise, I was afraid they will give their ideas and confuse me. I created my characters, trained the actors for 10 – 15 days before the shoot. I would arrive at the location, look at the set and start narrating the entire scene and dialogue without looking at the TV screen behind where the screenplay rolls. This is one movie I can call totally my vision.

How much time did you take to write the movie?

I took 60 days to write ‘Falaknuma Das’. During the finishing stage, I went backpacking to Nepal; this was my fourth such trip, I trekked, met people, used to chat up with them. I got solid time alone and I finished the final draft there.

Was ‘Ee Nagaraaniki…’ the first script you liked? How do you choose your scripts now?

I was about to act in a stupid film, which I only agreed with because it was better than the rest that was available to me. I had decided that I would do my part well and someone would notice me. But I was thrown out of the film, which looking back, I think, happened for good. Within two weeks Tharun offered his film.

Do you think it is okay to act in whatever comes your way as an aspiring actor?

It is important to be seen. Grab every opportunity, and one day a good director will notice you.

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