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Vyavastha – A Legal Drama That Makes Sense


Vyavastha translated into English means Institution. The webseries on Zee is about the most important pillar judiciary that if a man wants can twist and use it to his benefit. In the webseries it is Sampath Raj is Chakraborty, who is like a legal don, runs an enterprise in the name of a law firm, and makes money while exploiting his clients. He is unscrupulous and extremely ambitious. Beating him at his game is the young lawyer Vamsi, who uses the same law but for the right cause.


VyavasthaKarthik Ratnam plays Vamsi – originally a happy go lucky boy, not very confident, so much so that he loves a girl and just to be with her he joins a law college, but fails to express his affection all through until he meets her (Hebbah Patel) again at a time when he is reluctantly working in Chakraborty’s office. This time she is fighting a murder case, and is in jail.

She reaches out to Chakraborty, but Vamsi, who cannot see her trapped in the Chakraborty’s exploitation, begins to help her. However, no lawyer is ready to take her case for obvious reasons, and it is left to Vamsi to fight her case. How does he come over his physical problem of stammering, gain confidence and overcome the scheming Chakraborty who has made a career out of twisting the narrative of the cases he fights – all this by staying within the Vyavastha – the law of land is what the webseries is all about.

Legal themes in movies and web series have a long track record of success. But more or less this trend is limited to English and a few Indian films. One of the main vices of even the most successful films or shows that tinker with legal themes is over dramatization and taking liberties – a few milder ones to some really ridiculous aspects in order to stretch our imagination and create drama.

Vyavastha on the other hand manages to pique audience’s interest, keep them hooked to the narrative and create enough drama for them to watch one episode after the other of this 8-episode web series on Zee5 by staying with the boundaries of the actual law.

There has been research and reference to real cases in coming up with solutions. This makes the series Vyavastha on Zee more contemporary and real. Add to this the actors who did their part well makes this one a riveting watch.

Vyavastha is written, directed by Anand Ranga. He also produced the show along with Pattabhi Chilukuri. The other cast includes Kamna Jethmakani, Sukrutha Wagle, Shivani, Sujith Kumar, Raja Ashok, Gururaj and Bindu Chandramouli.

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