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Do You Know Why Summers are Best Time to Visit Tiger Reserve?

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Tiger Reserves

Tiger Reserves Near Hyderabad – Amrabad, Tipeshwar and Tadoba are easy drive from the city and summers are the perfect time for tiger spotting – Here’s why!

Summers are the perfect time to visit a Wildlife Retreat – if you can cope with the heat – then tiger spotting is just round the corner. Tiger reserves boast of amazing resorts in the neighbourhood that can mean a fun family getaway or a team outing – But There are Rules to Follow. 

Have you ever visited a reserve forest. Are you excited at visiting wildlife in its natural habitat, are you excited at the idea of spotting a tiger. Are you one of those wildlife enthusiasts who visited a tiger reserve forest many a times but never spotted a tiger, or one of those who spotted a tiger on your previous visit, but it’s never enough?

Or are you one of those who just loves to experience the peace and tranquility that the forest and its sounds bring to you?

Then grab your camouflage trousers and shirt – and set out to one of these Tiger Reserve Forests that are not too far from Hyderabad. The next couple of months is perhaps the best months to visit the forest. Summers can mean heat – but they also are known to be the best months for those on a wild life expedition. A bit of care, and some sensitivity towards nature is all you need to have the best time.



Every time you visit a forest you are amazed by how each experience is unique, and the forest itself dons a new hue, and look every season.

As an individual, a family or as friends and colleagues – if you wish to plan a trip to a forest, and you have the desire to spot wildlife, and look out for tiger spotting this summer – then there are some obvious choices for Hyderabadis. The Tipeshwar on Telangana Maharashtra border, the Tadoba, Amrabad forest near Srisailam are the closest and great ideas for summer getaway. They can be covered as weekend getaways as the travel time isnt much. While it is surely going to be hot in summers – considering all these forests are on Deccan plateau, the deciduous forests shed vegetation and you can see through the otherwise dense forests, making spotting animals a better possibility. Plus like in Tipeshwar, the animals are more likely to come to the water pools to quench their thirst and are usually spotted during morning and evening.

Tipeshwar Tiger Reserve Gate

Tipeshwar Reserve Forest

Nestled in the secluded expanse near Yavatmal, Maharashtra, Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary remains a hidden gem of natural splendor. Spanning approximately 148.63 square kilometers, this sanctuary boasts unspoiled wilderness and unparalleled biodiversity, showcasing a rich tapestry of bamboo groves, diverse flora, and thriving wildlife. Tipeshwar provides refuge to an impressive array of fauna including hyenas, chitals, blackbucks, sambar deer, jackals, wild boars, peacocks, monkeys, blue bulls, wild cats, and bears. The ideal time to visit is during April and May when nature is at its vibrant best, offering visitors a memorable wildlife experience amidst untouched wilderness.

The area being less, the density of tigers is more, hence the spotting is better. Especially since the tigers visit the water holes every morning and evening without fail during summers.

There are plenty of stay options available and more are going to come up at Tipeshwar – farm stays, mid-range resorts and uber -luxury stays.

Tiger Reserves


The Amrabad Tiger Reserve (ATR)

The forest tract in Amrabad harbours the largest population of Tigers in Telangana State, nestled within the sprawling expanse of the Amrabad Tiger Reserve (ATR). Encompassing 2611.4 square kilometers across Nagarkurnool and Nalgonda districts, this reserve, situated amidst the rugged Nallamala Hills of the Eastern Ghats, serves as a vital catchment area for the Krishna River.

Ranked among India’s largest tiger reserves, Amrabad Tiger Reserve boasts an extensive core area spanning the second-largest in the country, while ranking sixth in total area among the nation’s 51 Tiger Reserves.

The reserve contributes to the sustenance of major reservoirs such as Srishailam and Nagarjunsagar Dams through the perennial streams originating within its bounds.

The challenging terrain, characterized by deep valleys and gorges, the lush vegetation and abundant water sources make tiger sightings difficult, yet the safari is rewarding for the picturesque landscape. Amidst the captivating flora and fauna, the rich biodiversity, the Amrabad Tiger Reserve stands as a testament to nature’s grandeur and conservation efforts.

In addition to tiger, the wildlife that you may spot at Amrabad are the Nilgai, Sambar, Spotted Deer, four-horned antelope, wild pig.

A visit to Amrabad is also a pleasurable visit for its eco-resort, which is ideal for individuals, families and groups. The resort has a variety of stays – the round mud house modelled on the traditional houses of Chenchu (tribes of the Nallamala), roofed houses and tree houses.

By Road ATR is 140 km from Hyderabad.


Tadoba National Park

Tadoba is another big jungle – which is also the reason for the largest tiger population.

Tadoba National Park, also known as the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, stands as Maharashtra’s oldest and largest national park, nestled in the Chandrapur district approximately 150 km from Nagpur city. And, is a bit of a ride from Hyderabad.

Encompassing an area of 1,727 sq. km, with 43 tigers, it boasts one of India’s highest tiger populations according to the 2010 National Census. Highlights include Southern tropical dry deciduous vegetation, prominent teak trees, rich water resources from lakes, and varied terrain providing habitat for diverse wildlife. Visitors can enjoy full-day safaris except Tuesdays, and visitors get xto spot sloth bears, wild dogs, and diverse birdlife. Accommodations are concentrated around Kolara and Mohurli gates, serving as gateways to the park’s three forest ranges and vital water bodies sustaining its rich biodiversity.

Tadoba is 456 km from Hyderabad and is over 6 and half hours of drive by road.

What do you need to know about travelling to Tiger Reserves? Dos and Donts of being in the jungle / staying at jungle resort?

Tiger ReservesWhen travelling in a jungle first respect the jungle, do not litter, or talk loudly. Do not plan late night parties – leave them for Hyderabad pubs, and do not expect Hyderabadi Biryani. In fact, ask for local food made with local ingredients to be home made for understanding the flavours and food traditions, and most importantly while travelling to a forest in summers – then do not insist on bonfires – forest fires are a menace during this time.

And, during a forest safari – cover yourself properly, do not wear perfume or deodorants – the scents can distract the animal. Do not make noise and let your guide listen to the forest sounds and lead you well. Carry water and keep yourself hydrated, but do not carry food or plastic.

Respect nature and enjoy what the beautiful forest has to offer you. With enough silence you will hear the sounds of animals and birds and each of them had a story behind the sounds.

Most importantly remember tiger spotting is not the main purpose of visiting a forest. It is just the bonus. Being in the forest, listening to the sounds of the forest leaving behind your electronics. Try it once.


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